Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back in the Baby Making Game!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!   It's Thanksgiving week and first off I want to say I do have a lot to be thankful for even with my family and infertility situation.  I am thankful for my husband for being my best buddy, his mother for stepping in while my mom is, ummm...on sabbatical...i am thankful for my brother, his wife and their new baby, Peyton.  I am thankful for my beautiful new home and the wherewith all to renovate it and make it "ours".  I am blessed to have a job and even more blessed that my hubby is a month into his new job, one that he loves and I feel will offer him many wonderful opportunities.  I am thankful for my dog, Wilson and I am thankful for every person that has come across my blog, posted and even those who lurk but don't post.  :)  Last but not least I am thankful for my trip to Maui Dec 5-14
We need a vacay. 
December is the month we have been waiting for.  We finally have health insurance through Jamie's new job beginning Dec. 1st.  I contacted our Reproductive Doctor and I am eager to get started once we return from vacation.  Dr. A wants to see if he can figure out what the problem is instead of just recommending IVF like my other two RE's.  I emailed the Doctor this morning and here is the course of action for the weeks after we return...

1.  Start Provera if AF hasn't visited, once AF visits...

2.  Blood work :(

3.  AFC (Antral Follicle Count) 
What Are Antral Follicles?

Antral follicles are small follicles (about 2-8 mm in diameter) that can be seen - and measured and counted - with ultrasound.

4.  FUS (Fluid ultrasound) involves saline injection into the endometrial cavity and simultaneous transvaginal sonography to visualize the endometrial cavity. This test provides information about the pathological lesions in endometrial cavity (i.e. myomas, polyps, adhesions, and congenital anomalies) as well as limited information on tubal patency.

5.  Laparoscopy surgery - Laparoscopy is direct visualization of the peritoneal cavity, ovaries, outside of the tubes and uterus by using a laparoscopy. The laparoscopy is an instrument somewhat like a miniature telescope with a fiber optic system which brings light into the abdomen. It is about as big around as a fountain pen and twice as long.  Carbon dioxide (CO2) is put into the abdomen through a special needle that is inserted just below the navel. This gas helps to separate the organs inside the abdominal cavity, making it easier for the physician to see the reproductive organs during laparoscopy. The gas is removed at the end of the procedure.

6.  Jamie needs to schedule the MSA and SCSA (These test the male fertility, he had a Sperm Analysis a few months ago and was above average but Dr. A thinks they need to check DNA Fragmentation)  Jamie is thrilled...I'm sure!

Okay, so I am so happy to have a plan.  I am hoping insurance will cover all of these things.  Fingers crossed.  x x

Monday, November 9, 2009

Speak of the Devil...

she showed up this Saturday.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Aunt Flo...you suck.

It's been 46 days, care to visit?  You seem to forget our quality time together each month. 

Most girls would think they were pregnant if their Aunt Flo didn't show her face by now.  Not me.  Sure would like a provera prescription right about now to convince my dear Aunty Flo to visit...in between insurance though.  My luck, she will show her face in another 30 days while I am in Hawaii.