Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 weeks! Single digit we come??????

How far along? 30 weeks!  I can't believe we could be in the single digit weeks until Star arrives!  I say "could be" because Dr. B thinks she will be two weeks late which will still put us in the double digits for a couple more weeks.  I just can't wait to meet our sweet girl. 

Baby's size? A squash!  17 inches!  I feel like I have something 6 inches in my belly, not 17!  Goodness!

Weight Gain? Not sure what it is this week. 

Maternity clothes? Uh, yeah.

Sleep? Left shoulder blade is still hurting.  I slept on the sofa last night for the first time in a while and have been taking Tylenol PM to help me get to sleep.  It makes getting up in the morning difficult.

Food? Still loving my milk.  I almost went through two gallons last week.  I drank one gallon in four days.  My husband calls me his milk-a-holic...milk-a-what?

Best moment this week? Star had hiccups two nights ago.  It was sweet.  I was lying in bed and told J that star was hiccuping and he said "how do you know she isn't just kicking?"  I said "because what I am feeling has rhythm and she doesn't have rhythm yet."  Her hiccups let me know exactly where her head is lying.  It's on my right side down low and her feet are on my left.  When J goes to feel her kick he always puts his hand in the same spot, that's where her feet have been the whole time.

Another milestone this week is our second wedding anniversary.  J and I have two wedding anniversaries.  Our first was on the beach in Florida with only his Grandmother as a witness on Nov. 25, 2008 and the second was two weeks later in Mexico with family and friends on Dec. 6, 2008.  We celebrate both.  I can safely say that these past two years have been our best even with the craziness of infertility.  We've been together over 9 years (actually we have even lived together for 9 years-I left my dorm room vacant to live with him.  My sorority sisters put a for rent sign on my door!  But I knew then it was serious.  I spent every minute outside of my classes with him.) As great of a ride as the last 9 years have been, it wasn't until a couple of years ago something clicked.  It's different.  We've always been happy but now it's undeniable that we fit.  We belong.  It's so easy.  We still make each other laugh and that's one of my favorite things.  I am so lucky.  I don't know what I did to deserve him but I thank my lucky stars all of the time that I have him.

Movement? Lots!  I try and get J to feel her move but she sometimes stops moving just as he comes over to feel. 

Symptoms? Not at all.

Gender? A beautiful little girl

What I miss? Nothing.

What I'm looking forward to? Our 4D ultrasound.  She's getting pretty big now and I know sometimes the babies can't be seen because they are smushed in the womb so I am hoping we get a clear glimpse of her face.  I would love to see some features! 

Weekly Wisdom:   Keep calm and carry on.

Milestones:  We had our breastfeeding class last week and it was very informative. 

What I love: Our glider.  It's my favorite color-white!  The people I picked it up from had never seen a white one before.  I didn't necessarily want to order a white glider but I didn't want to order a pink one either because we may not be able to use it again in the future in another room.  Brown didn't fit the bill so white it was.  It's beautiful though.  I am going to have a slipcover made for the arms and the ottoman that are washable.  I figure these will be the places that get dirtiest.  The glider fabric is cleanable but I'd like to protect it rather than clean it if I can.

Emotions: Their okay.  I have my moments where I stress out of sheer tiredness sometimes.  We had five friends over for dinner Saturday night and right before they showed up I was so tired that had they not been coming over I would have gone to bed.  It's the first time I would have loved a glass of wine!  I had a shot of coca-cola instead.   A pick me up.  I have to say I haven't seen a couple of our guests so trashed in a long time!  The liquor was free flowing that night!  It's funny watching people get drunk when you are perfectly sober.  Reminds me of our wedding night.  Next Friday we will be hosting 15 or so of J's employee's and their spouses/significant others at our home.  I am hoping that since this is catered I won't be running as ragged as I was last Saturday. 

Projects:  The bassinet our friends gave us is ready and clean.  I made an ultrasound album for Star.  She has so many pictures and with two more ultrasounds to go, she's going to have many more.  I also made her a keepsake box with all of our keepsakes from IVF in it.  My calendar is in there, all of the cards we received from J's Mom as well as cards from J, my ID bracelet from egg retrieval, a rose J's mom put on my car the morning we had our first beta.  It's a special box to go along with Star's blog book and ultrasound book.  Everything is organized and each item has a note to say what it is.    Upcoming projects include the collage over Star's dresser and paint touch-ups as well as slip covers for the glider.  I am hoping J will tackle the paint touch-ups.  :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

29 Weeks

Star is kicking up a storm!  I feel her multiple times an hour every hour now.  I'm still in awe when she moves.  She usually kicks when something is pressed up against my belly.  She was kicking me where the key board at work touches my stomach and it was a little annoying trying to type an important email while having someone kicking the keyboard!  But you gotta laugh, right?  I read and was told by our class instructor last Saturday that she can actually see in the womb!  There is a little light in certain conditions where she can see shaddows, etc.  So cool as she started blinking a couple of weeks ago. 

Monday was a day that started out terrible at 7:15 AM and just got worse through out the day.  At 2:30 I was at my breaking point and that's when I saw our company mail guy walking down my aisle at work with a package of flowers.  They landed right on my desk.  I couldn't believe it.  I opened the package and there sat the most beautiful arrangement of sunflowers.  Bright yellow to brighten my day.  The note inside was very sweet but I was confused by the "_ _ _ _ all the rest." at the bottom of the note.  My husband who sent the flowers told me later that he went back and forth with the florist trying to get them to use the "f" word on the card but the florist wouldn't so he asked them to put "f_ _ _" at the bottom and they wouldn't so that explained the _ _ _ _ !  Ha ha.  He's right his note he told me to focus on the good and that I am loved and am part of a growing family.  My life is headed in the right direction and _ _ _ _ all the rest!  I love that.  I emailed J to thank him, I couldn't even call because I would have broken down over the phone when I thanked him.   He's so thoughtful and the only reason Monday turned out okay was because of him.

Breastfeeding class is Thursday night.  We need to interview Pediatricians too.  Our Dr. gave us the name of some good ones.  We also put a deposit down on first year photos for the baby.  6 sessions the first year including a maternity session if we want it.  The first shoot will take place within a week of Star's birth.  She'll be so little and scrumptious at that point.  I am excited for that.  4D ultrasound was also scheduled.  We have a 3D and a 4D within a week of each other so we can compare photos!  My next appointment is my last monthly appointment and then I start going to the Dr. every two weeks!  I can't believe it. 

Jamie's Dad and Step Mom stopped by to see Star's nursery and bathroom Sunday night.  They loved it which made me feel good.  I am hoping to pick up the glider we ordered this weekend.  It's ready and at the warehouse.  We have friends coming over for "Phamily" dinner (dinner with Phish friends) on Saturday night so it would be nice to have the glider in so they can see the room a little more complete.  Everything is done for the most part, we are focusing on wall decor really.  I am going to try and take pictures when the glider comes in this weekend.

That's about it.   Looking forward to the big 3-0.  I can't believe it's here.  I am expecting the last part of the pregnancy to fly by with Holidays and a Vacation.  We can't wait to meet star.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend recap-

This weekend was one of those weekends with highs and lows...

Saturday morning we were up early to attend our "Newborn care in a day" class at the hospital.  The Class was from 8-3 and when we arrived at 7:45 we passed by the nursery and were surprised to see more than 30 babies in one nursery.  They were all waiting for the pediatricians and for their parents to come get them.  J and I stood in awe and as he admitted to me later it was emotional.  He got emotional, I got emotional.  I couldn't believe that we would one day have a baby in that room.  It felt like we were seeing our future and seeing the vibrant light at the end of our tunnel.  It was a special moment and other classmates joined us in disbelief as well.  We all stared and made comments and oohed and awed.  We finally made it to the class room and were the first couple in and took a seat near the front of the room.  Introductions were made by the teacher and 9 other couples.  There was a set of triplets and twins being expected in our class.  God help both of them.  Babies are expensive and I heard the Dad of the twins gasp when the other lady announced she was having triplets.  When it came to the formula discussion and the price of formula I heard more noises from both couples.  The teacher/nurse was amazing.  Very funny too.  We talked about everything from what we would need for a newborn to safety to a little breastfeeding, diaper changing, bathing, etc.  We found out that we need some more clothing items.  We have done pretty well so far but there were specifics we needed to put on our registry as a reminder to get.  We also found out that babies born in the winter should have one layer more of clothes on than we do, so that gave us an idea as to how many clothes we need.  We're on the right track!  The breastfeeding part freaks the crap out of me because I want to so badly but she did say that women with Breast Reductions have more difficulty.  As J says, maybe since we had such a hard time getting pregnant this one thing may be easy for us.  There were videos on the breastfeeding and pictures of the "liquid gold" or colostrum that comes out first.  It was all very interesting but I started getting anxious and fearful.  J really wants me to breastfeed and I know formula is very expensive and not as good for the baby-there's just a lot of pressure there.

  A few breaks and a lunch break and the day was over.  One really funny thing to note...there was a couple that sat across from us.  The father took all the notes and flipped through the packets we were given, he diapered the baby, changed the clothes and participated in class while his wife sat looking pissed off the entire day with nothing in front of her.  Jamie nick-named her "the puss".  At particularly pouty moments J would turn to me and say "look at the puss".  I died laughing because she just looked pissed!  I think this was normal for her too, not just a one day thing or because she was mad at her husband.  That poor poor man!  I still laugh at "look at the puss!"

Saturday afternoon I was exhausted from the class and was just about to go upstairs for  a nap when J said he was bored so we went to the mall near our house and just strolled around looking at kids stores.  Our mall has like 8 kids stores including PB Kids which is great but expensive!  We bought more towels for Star so we wouldn't have to use the nice decorative ones we got there the week before and J really liked the toothbrush holder and soap dish so we got those as well.  Not that she will use them for years but they matched the set and we probably wouldn't be able to get them later on so it made sense.  We looked for sale items on clothes at other stores but didn't see any great bargains except for one jumper J liked for $2.25 so we bought it and we went back home.

We had a lazy night at home.  We made Chinese food and I watched J watch hockey on TV while watching college football on his laptop.  I knew I needed something to do so I started working on the bassinet we were given.  Our friends had a seamstress sew on a green ruffle.  I took the ruffle off and cleaned it and it looks great now.  I went to bed and my amazing husband who had a large cup of coffee at 8:00 went grocery shopping at 10:00!  I felt so bad not going but there was no way, I was so tired.  We went through our coupons together came up with a light list and he left.   I woke up the next morning to a stocked pantry and fridge.  He got a huge hug in the morning!  What a treat.

Sunday morning I went to see my Grandma with my brother.  I came home and met Jamie and we went to the local schools craft fair or crap fair as J calls it.  He wanted to go because he was afraid of what I would buy!  Hilarious.  I tried telling him I could be in and out of there in 15 minutes because I knew what I was looking for-one of a kind handmade items for Star's room but he didn't believe me and likes to have a say in what goes in her room.  I think that's great so I was thrilled he came.  I got to see my old high school as well.  I hadn't been to a craft fair in a good 15 years so I assumed that crafts had come along with the times and I would be able to find some items that were more modern like Etsy sells-WRONG!!!!!!!  J and I walked around in disbelief at the CRAP at this CRAP FAIR!  We kept asking "Who would buy that?"  and then glanced over at who would make that!  Over and over and over again it was stuff I think I saw at my last craft fair 15 years ago!  I came home and searched Etsy.  I vowed to never go back to a crap fair again!

Yesterday afternoon I noticed some wet colostrum in the afternoon!  I was so excited that I told Jamie and he was really happy too.  It was my first time of feeling like things might be okay in the breast feeding area after all.  I am so thrilled to just see evidence that I am working like I should and that the surgery hasn't severed everything as I feared it may have.  I am trying to tell myself that it's not the end of the world if it doesn't happen but that was a great sign and something that lifted my spirits.

Last night, J and I did a lot of laundry.  We did our laundry and then we decided to do Star's laundry with her special "free" detergent.  We didn't have anywhere to put her clothes for the longest time so her closet was full of hanging onezies and sleepers.  Now that her dresser is done we decided to wash everything and put things away.  Her closet is almost empty now except for a couple of hanging outfits and her first Halloween costume which I got on sale after this Halloween.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

28 Fabulous Weeks!

How far along? 28 splendid weeks!

Baby's size? Still...A big ol' eggplant!

Weight Gain? 12 pounds total.  I tell you it's scary seeing the number climb on the scale at first but then you remember you're pregnant.  Phew!!!!

Maternity clothes? I ordered a coat this weekend.  I hate to spend money on a huge coat but I realized it's that or nothing, it was on sale so the guilt isn't so bad.

Sleep? Shoulders are still hurting, however, they hurt less than they have been.  I've been awake the last couple of nights between 1 and 4 then snoozing when my alarm goes off for work at 6:30.  It's not easy working a full day after your sleep has been compromised.  I get very tired around 2:00 in the afternoon.  I have been drinking a cup of coffee more often in the mornings.

Food? Big news here.  I had barbecue sauce at lunch yesterday and I didnt' gag.  CBW catered our work lunch and I ordered a BBQ chicken wrap because nothing else sounded good.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

Best moment this week? Besides feeling Star move and my Dr.'s appointment yesterday the best moment was my heart to heart with J last night.  We talked for about 45 minutes in bed after he tickle attacked me for 15 minutes to find out what was bothering me-I was having a rough day.  I gave in once I started cramping from the tickles.  That guy knows every tickle spot I have-behind the knees and the collar bone!  So I gave in and told him what was bothering me and it was one of the rare moments I have with him from time to time where he wasn't watching the TV or looking at the computer while we talked or checking his email/facebook from his cell phone.  I shared, he listened, he shared, I listened and we went back and forth for a long time jumping from subject to subject.  Completely understanding each other and acknowledging.  I laid on my back in bed while he kissed my belly a few times which was so sweet.  Star moved also which he was able to feel.  Times like these are so powerful to me.    They build us up and make us stronger.  I love that we're able to talk about things, and we don't yell.  We give space, we don't intrude or invade-with the exception of tickle attacks.  We ended up talking about how we both feel the the two last years have been the best years of "us" which I believe is amazing having been through infertility and being newlyweds.  I love that.  It's effortless which I don't know that I expected this period in our life to be. 

Movement? Lots!  I put the remote on my belly Sunday night to show J how big star can kick and she didn't let us down.  The remote started rocking.

Symptoms? None.  Everything is going so well it scares me. 

Gender? A beautiful little girl

What I miss? Nothing.

What I'm looking forward to? Our next Dr.'s appt December 9th when we get to see Star again.  I'm not looking forward to my 1 hour Glaucoma test in two Fridays.  Ugh...

Weekly Wisdom:   If you have a husband that attends each OB appointment, count your blessings.  Not every woman is so lucky (some don't want their husbands to :) but two nurses yesterday told me how lucky I am to have a husband that comes to each appointment.  I am lucky.  He's so involved and I love that.  Whether it's decorating the babies room, Doctors appointments or registering J wants to be involved and be part of the process.  I love that.  I think that's why couples baby showers started becoming popular.   A lot of men are more involved these days and thus I believe couples showers are seeing a rise in popularity.  J has been especially involved since we went through IVF and I'm glad we live in a generation that can recognize men during this time as well the women. 

Milestones: Our first class is this Saturday!  I'm very excited to do this with J.

What I love: The two toddler sized shirts my Grandfather sent me out of the blue.  I received them in the mail Monday and they are so sweet!  Two shirts with a patchwork bunny sewn to each shirt.  No note or anything, typical for my Grandfather but what a neat unexpected treat in the mail.  Love that.

Emotions: Feeling a bit stressed this week. 

Misc.: Dr. appointment went great yesterday.  Dr. B said everything looks great and is still very pleased.  I had my second shot for Rh----lovely.  Our next appointment is the day before we leave for vacation.  We will have an ultrasound which I am thrilled about! 

Projects this weekend:  include sewing a new cover on a bassinet our friends gave us and making an ultrasound photo album for Star...she has so many pictures already!  I'm hoping that J will do the couple of remaining finishing touches to Star's bathroom and screw on the vent covers upstairs so we can start making a collage for the wall above her dresser.  Very excited for that.  :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Happenings

The extra hour sure added a lot to our weekend.  Yesterday felt like it went on forever.  J and I kept joking that we were out of whack.  Wilson was asking for dinner at 3:30, I gave in, it's hard to explain time changes to a dog.  J and I weren't hungry until 6:30 or so when I finally made dinner.  And after dinner we just watched TV and surfed the internet until it was finally bed time.  We basically waited all day for the day to be over and it kept going on and on and on!  Not bad, just a little odd. 

Saturday we went to Pottery Barn Kids and returned a lamp and a shelf we had purchased.  PB's white furniture is actually off white, so off white it's actually light yellow and it didn't mesh well with the bright white furniture we have so we returned those two items and selected a cute flower shower curtain, bath mat and two sets of adorable towels that match for Star's bathroom.  The bathroom is just shy of complete which feels great!  Next weekend I want to finish up that room and check it off the list for good!  After PB we went to Treasure Rooms where we looked for a replacement lamp (no luck), asked questions about strollers and pumpkin seats and looked at diaper bags.  After a lot of thought and consideration we selected this stroller...

It's the City Mini Stroller!  We can hook a Chicco pumpkin seat in this instead of the chicco stroller that is supposed to accompany the pumpkin seat.  We like this stroller more because it glides like it's on air, it can be picked up and folded with one arm and it takes up half the space that the chico stroller takes up when folded.  It's also good for the mall or the zoo instead of having two different strollers.  We can get away with one stroller for all uses.  To accommodate the chicco pumpkin seat, we just install a bar over the seat and we're off.  We also liked the optional cup holder and drink tray for the little one...later on.  Very excited about our choice and I owe it all to my hubby.   We looked at diaper bags here too and didn't decide on any particular one but the Diaper Dude seems like a nice bag.  It even comes with a check list on the inside flap for the guys.  Ha!  On that check list...the very last item is the baby!   LOL! 

Next, it was over to Lowe's for a couple of items, then a brief stop for Mexican and then over to BRU for some more baby information.  We wanted to check out the price of their City Mini Stroller and Chicco seats.  We figured while we were there we would update our empty registry which to me serves as more of a check list of things we would like to get over the next few months rather than a gift registry.  We can do our research and add things to the list so we have a running list of what we have researched.  We registered for the City Mini there as well as the Chicco seat. 

While in that area we registered for the Medela Hands Free breast pump.  I am not sure I will be able to breast feed at all due to a breast reduction I had 12 years ago and the fact that none of my friends have had success with this but if I were to breastfeed I liked what Julia and others have had to say about the Medela Breast Pump (in particular the free style which is hands free because I would have to pump at work) so we added that to our list.  I can't believe how expensive that thing is and I am investigating other ways of obtaining this without breaking the bank.  We looked at bath tubs, high chairs, swings, vibrating chairs, etc.  I hated all of the pink stuff!   The pink items weren't cute pink, they were cheesy, hit you over the head, over the top, make you want to vomit pink.  We opted for neutral items instead which I still wasn't in love with but it was the better of the options for us.   

Anyway, we put about 46 items on our list there and then we were off to Sam's to stock up on diapers, toilet paper and paper towels and then it was off to the grocery store-2 grocery stores to be exact.  6.5 hours later we were done after J chewed me out about how much I spent on lettuce and cursing out a sprinkler valve in the parking lot.  (He called it a f_ cker after tripping over it!  I had to try and contain my laughter as I trailed behind him because he looked right at it and said "F-cker".  LOL!)  It turns out the man can only handle 6 hours out which I must say is far more than he used to tolerate-about 5.5 hours more!  And for the record it wasn't me pushing us to visit all of these places-my feet were killing me two hours in!  I'm proud of him though.  After giving him an hour at home to do nothing he came around to his usual self and was smiles when I poked at him for calling that sprinkler out!  He just needed time to decompress.  It happens.

We watched sports all night (actually I watched J watch sports-I was bored out of my mind) and hung out making dinner and then Sunday we did projects around the house, had lunch with J's Dad which I love doing because he's so funny and then it was back home for the longest afternoon, evening of our lives!  I did manage to go back over our BRU registry and check reviews on most of the items we put on the registry.  It's a good thing too because a couple of items had terrible ratings so we were able to update to new items. 

Dr.'s visit is tomorrow night.  No ultrasound or anything, just routine and then a newborn care class this Saturday (8-3).  We're also scheduling our 4D ultrasound in the next month or two.  I was thinking late November, early December but now I'm thinking mid-December after our trip to Florida so she fattens up a little bit (I've read it's best then) and we can see more of her features.  We are very excited to see Star in 4D and I should have lots of pictures to share!  Yay!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

27 weeks 3rd Trimester!

A lot of milestones today!  I am officially in my third trimester!   Star is over 2 pounds and around 15 inches long.  I still can't believe something that big is in my belly.   When she moves she doesn't feel that big but I am definitely feeling more and more these days.  The last couple of weeks I have really been into oreo cookies.  Rarely do you see the small 6 packs of them and I was wanting them really bad last week at work so I walked to the grocery store and purchased a regular size bag of them and put them out on my desk for others to share.  They were gone in a couple of hours.  I secretly regret sharing them now as I want more oreos! 

Today, I went walking at lunch with a couple of co-workers and stopped at a convenience store and they had a six pack of them (the little snack size) so I am good for today!  My other must have for the last couple of months is milk.  I go through a little over a gallon a week just by myself.  My favorite thing to do when I get home is have a glass of milk which usually turns into two glasses which then leads to three.  You know what they say "one milk, two milk, three milk, FLOOR!" or is that Tequila they were talking about? 

Anyway...I am happy to report that my "bestie" J is back in town and I am happier than ever with him by my side.  He got Baby C a cute little onezie from his Phish concerts...

This baby is gonna like Phish, I am convinced that I will be the outcast in our home.  The dog is named after a Phish song, the babies wardrobe is half Phish (exaggeration) and my husband...well, you know the story there.  I started making a lullaby play list for Star.  We are putting an ipod in her room so we can play soft music.  J and I are combining 100 Baby Einstein songs and some of our favorite music selections that are soft melodies to make one play list for her.  It's turning out great so far, I have a feeling there will be a lot of Phish in the mix. 

Hoping to wrap up some projects this weekend.  I think we will get a lot done around the house which I am excited about.  As much as I want to get some projects out of the way I want to schedule some R&R time with my Jamie too.  I'm thinking dinner out one night and a lot of TV time.  I don't really care if we watch one of my shows or sports I just want to enjoy him being home.  It's been a couple of weeks since he felt Star move so hopefully he'll get to feel how big and strong she's getting. 

Sleep has been better the last couple of nights.  I was going to stay on the sofa when J came home the other night until he informed me that grown-ups sleep in beds.  So I brought all of my pillows up and managed to get good sleep two nights in a row.  Maybe I just needed him home?  Maybe my back brace is helping and I'm not in such pain anymore?  I have been feeling better at night but still need a little heating pad action on my back before sleeping. 

Lunch is over, better get back to work.  I am already excited for my Oreos I will have for my afternoon snack and there just happens to be milk in the refrigerator!  YAY!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Missing J and weekend happenings

I miss my J.  Isn't he a cutie?  He's been gone since early Thursday morning and things just aren't the same with out him.  What do you do with out your other half?  What do you do without the better part of you?  I've been doing okay for the most part but I am ready for him to be back.  I miss him but as badly as I do...I have a policy of sorts.  When he is on his guys vacations enjoying himself I don't call him.  I let him call me.  This has always been my policy.  We text a few times a day but I never want to be a nagging wife.  It's important to me that he enjoy his time away with his friends and I believe it's good to let him separate himself from life here when he is doing his guy thing.  I think this lets him get away and come back refreshed in a sense.  Should I need him I know he is a phone call away but calling to check in on him or make small talk defeats the purpose of a vacation.   Besides, I trust him so what is the need for checking up on him?  I text him good morning when I get up and good night when I go to bed.  He calls me twice a day at his convenience and it works perfectly. 

This is J's last trip to see his favorite band, Phish, before the baby is due and I told him not to think of it as his last hoorah or anything like that.   Some of his friends wives called their husbands last trip before their baby "the last hoorah" and I don't think that's good for anyone.  If J gives up his passion for seeing Phish, then I lose one of the many aspects I love and admire about my husband.  Then, we are both losing.  It will no doubt be more difficult to make Phish fit our schedule with a little one but I think it's important for us that Phish remains a staple in our home.  Happiness needs to be a staple for anyone to be happy. 

J being out of town made me miss him and my friends that live far away.  This would have been a good weekend to have my friends living here in Missouri!  I really miss them at times like these.  But I made it through, like I always do!

I got more done this weekend than I thought I would.  I am nearly done painting the babies bathroom.  Not easy to spend so much time on a ladder with a big belly painting trim at the ceiling.  It took three coats, that means three times I circled the small bathroom turning a ladder all different directions.  I don't maneuver as well as I used to and I don't move as fast.  It's frustrating to me that it's taking me this long to paint that bathroom and even more frustrating that the nursery is still a mess.  J has done a large share of the work but my share is taking me longer than usual.  I used to be able to paint a room in a day.  We are going on weeks here.   

I finally bought a baby book and started filling it out.  I watched Sex and the City 2 on PPV.  J will be thrilled when he gets the bill for that, I'm sure!  Looking forward to a sarcastic comment or two.  :)  I spent a ton of money this weekend.  Whoops!  J told me he won a couple hundred at the Casino in Atlantic City and I told him that is good because I spent a lot of dough!  On top of general shopping I went to the eye Doctor.  I found out that I have the early signs of Glaucoma.  My optic nerves which connect the brain to the eye are hollowed out and look frail.  They did some testing and my optic nerves in both eyes are below where they should be thickness wise.  This means eventually I will lose peripheral vision and some other sight.  No idea how long this will take.  It could have already started, it could take years but it will happen so slow I won't see a noticeable difference over night or anything.  I go in for more testing next weekend.  I remembered that my Aunt has always said how she is blind in one eye and has no peripheral vision.  It turns out this is hereditary.  Fun, fun.  Contacts and eyeglasses were astronomical and they tell me I have great insurance.  That's scary.  I also got a new bra and a back brace to help with my back problems.  This back brace is no joke either.  Three separate pieces that all velcro together.  I am wearing it now.  Potty breaks are a pain in the butt now.  Speaking of which.  I had 4 or 5 breaks last night-in the middle of the night.  I gave up trying to sleep in our bed.  It's sofa city for me sweetheart.  Poor Wilson didn't know what was going on or where to sleep.  Every time I got up he thought it was time to go to bed or time to go outside or time to get up and eat...nope, just another bathroom break.  Sorry Willie. 

I made lasagna yesterday along with 12 loaves of pumpkin bread, using up the rest of our pumpkin puree. 

I gave one away and have 10 in the freezer now and brought one to work  There is just something magical about warm pumpkin bread with a little spray butter on it that defines Fall for me. 

I hid from the tricker treaters last night.  I turned off all the lights and watched TV in our dark media room with the fire lit.  I wasn't in the mood to see anyone, especially our wacko neighbor who came to our door last year dressed as a scarecrow-the perfect costume.  The door bell did ring once, probably our wacko neighbor wanting to tell me my lights weren't on.  I ignored it and let Wilson bark at the person on the other side.  Who rings a door bell at a completely dark house on Halloween night?  Ugh.

Well, that about covers it.  J is home tonight at 11:15 or so.  I will be sleeping so I won't get to see him until tomorrow night really.  :(  And of course he has a hockey game tomorrow night.  Grrr.  Maybe Wednesday night will be my night?  :)