Thursday, December 31, 2009

HELP! All I see are $ signs and babies...

OK, so we had our financial meeting with Dr. A's office yesterday.  The costs were pretty much what I was expecting - approximately $15,000.00 a cycle for IVF.  So, right now I am trying to decide whether or not to buy one cycle up front or two for a better cost.  There is only a $1200.00 savings by buying two but we would have to fork over another $5000.00 to get the $1200.00 savings??????  I think we would rather just buy one and think positive than buy two and risk losing $5000.00 which could be spent on the baby (hopefully).  J has been in touch with our financial person and if all goes well we will be able to start our meds in February and have our transfer in March!  WOO HOO!  I am so excited.  It's finally coming to fruition.  I hope we are able to get our money in order fast so we can sign up for the March cycle, they say it's filling up fast!

FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE (+): The ten best things to happen to me 2000-2010!

10.  Jan. 2000 - Studying abroad in Spain for a Semester

9.  Fabulous vacations and trips to Spain (including Barcelona, Sevilla, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Toledo) London, Ireland, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Aruba, St. Marteen, St. Thomas, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Lake Tahoe, Mexico and Hawaii, and Florida - I have to mention Florida because I have been there at least ten times in ten years!

8.  June 2009 - My niece Peyton was born.

7.  April 20, 2007 - I got engaged!  Jamie proposed to me on a trip to Chicago for the Cardinals / Cubs series.  It was a magical weekend at the W hotel.  He put so much thought into that weekend...upgraded our room to a lake overview in a spectacular suite, dinner the night he proposed at Gibsons (yummo!) in room massages the morning after he proposed, three baseball games and friends were there as well!  I will never forget it.

6.  July 2008 - Jamie had Gastric Bypass and has successfully lost over 180 pounds.  So happy for him. 

5.  May 2006 - Graduated with a BA degree in Interior Design from Maryville University

4.  February 2006 - Landed a great job at my current employer as an Interior Designer - my favorite job was the Hurricane Katrina recovery project which included 25 buildings and lasted 2 years.

3.  We moved three times!  We have been fortunate enough to make three great investments in three great houses over the last 9 years.  Our first house was bought out which was a great opportunity for us and we fixed up our second house and sold it in May.  Our newest house is quite a project but it will be amazing when it's done.

2.  December 6, 2008 - Jamie and I and 40 guests had an unbelievable weekend in Puerto Morelos, Mexico where we had a symbolic ceremony for friends and family.

1.  November 25, 2008 - Jamie and I got legally married on the beach in Marco Island Florida with his Grandmother as our witness.  He is my everything, this is by far the best thing to happen to me in the last 32 years.

Looking forward to the next ten years!

Monday, December 28, 2009

This week - 12-28-2009

I emailed a few times with my Nurse at Dr. A's office this morning.  J and I  have decided to skip the laproscopy as we would have to pay a large portion of it ourselves since we haven't met our deductible yet.  That very same money could go toward the IVF costs which is almost certain to be the route we will take to get pregnant. 

Something else interesting was said in my email with the Nurse...she called in a prescription of provera to start my cycle since it's been almost two months and she said to call her on day one of my cycle and she would schedule my blood work as well as Jamie's and that we just might be on the IVF schedule for FEBRUARY OR MARCH!!!!!! 

Jamie and I have our financial meeting at Dr. A's office Wednesday.  It's a lot of money to scrape together and give them up front.  I am hoping that we can figure this out quickly so we can get on a list for a cycle ASAP!  With the start of a new cycle approaching quickly and our financial meeting scheduled this could be a perfect start.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Live in the moment...

I hope that we are each able to put aside those things that may be bothering or hurting us this week and enjoy the holidays.  Get lost in the moment, enjoy what you have and more importantly who you have in your life right now.  We are all blessed in many ways.  If there is a week to count your blessings, it's this week.   Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Decision Time

Well, it's time to really start looking at the data and statistics on the Reproductive Doctors around St. Louis and make a final decision.  We interviewed with three and we like Dr. A.  I have never had a male OB before so I was a little hesitant.  Dr. A was unique to me because he gave me his email and phone number after the first meeting and even emailed me a couple of reports on causes of infertility.  I have the emails of all of his nurses and financial people as well since he cc'd them on all of the emails he sent to me.  I have had quick responses with questions as well I have emailed the office with as well. 

Anyway, that's it for now.  I just wanted to confirm that I have settled on a Dr. and am waiting for January so we can get things started.

: )

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

So, vacation was amazing.  Best week of my life, I can say that easily.  We did everything and more than we dreamed.  The food was expensive and delicious and I  have to share a triple berry pie recipe from the Lahaina Grill.  This pie, the Triple Berry Pie is $13 a slice and we ate dessert here three nights.  We only had dinner at Lahaina Grill one night, the other two nights we drove across town after eating elsewhere to have this pie for dessert! This pie is freaking amazing and served COLD-like you are eating it straight out of the fridge! 

Anyway, we did many great things, we drove the 54 mile drive to Hana, which is cliff side along the coastline, stopping to admire waterfalls and lava beaches, we snorkeled at an uninhabited crater island and even woke up at 2am one morning to drive three hours to the top of a volcano to watch the sunrise at 10,000 feet above elevation!  We saw the sunrise from above the clouds.  REALLY AMAZING!  Many great drinks too.  Did I mention I snorkeled in front of our hotel and a sea turtle swam two feet from my left shoulder????  Just came towards J and I and it was so beautiful and peaceful. 

We flew home Sunday night but before I left I went and floated along the shore at our hotel.  I felt very at peace drifting in the waves.  I laid in the water and had a talk with God.  I am not overly religious, in fact I haven't been to Church in many many years but I talk to him now and again.  I laid in the water and tried to come up with something to say, I tried to have a conversation but all I could say over and over was "Please God, let me have a baby."  I looked at the sky and just kept repeating it.   

So, we are moving forward.  Got the new insurance cards in the mail while we were away so I called Blue Cross this morning to ask how much of my Laproscopy they would cover, they said 90%.  It looks like we just have to schedule the blood work and lap procedure for January along with Jamie's tests and we should get some results back and know what to do from there.  It sounds so easy right?  I think that starting all of this in January will let us enjoy the holidays a little more although it will definitely be on our minds. 

Friday, December 4, 2009


It's been a while since I was really excited about something.  I leave tomorrow for vacation...I am REALLY excited.  They will have to peel me off the beach.  I've never been to Maui but I can say I am a fan of any place with a beach so I anticipate it being like heaven. I plan on coming back tan, relaxed and ready for making babies!

Here's what I have planned to do...

Grab a drink and sit on the beach.  Okay, I rarely drink but this looks quite good.  I don't remember the last time I had a mixed drink.

In room massages for two please...
A romantic dinner with my hubby for our 1st year anniversary...

A little reading...

Fishing...sometimes a girls got to do things that make her hubby happy...

More drinks...

Hopefully I won't get this bad...

A little whale watching!  So excited for this!

Snuba diving.  Yes...SNUBA, as in combo snorkel and scuba!

More reading...

And drinking?  My husband doesn't drink for the record...

Snorkeling anyone?

Yes please!  Gosh, I love a good nappy.

Hey, how did this lady get back in the line up?  :)

Drive the road to Hana?

Stop and admire a waterfall or two?

And Repeat...

This lady with the drink is stalking me...
Say...what type of drink do you suppose that is????  A Mai Tai perhaps?  I will investigate.  *grin*

Well, that about covers it.  I will catch up with you ladies the week of the 14th!