Monday, September 28, 2009

New Houses Bring New Babies...or that's what my RE says anyway...

As an Interior Designer I am constantly looking for things to do around the house. What can I say, it's my livelihood and my hobby! I figure I repaint my house every two to three years with new colors I fall in love with. I have the painting technique down pat! I trim and J rolls! This is only after I convince him that the current color just won't do! Anyway, we finished up all of the projects at our old home, an adorable little Queen Anne style home and I started getting the itch to move. So we fixed every minor thing in our home, touched it up, staged it and put it on the market. We had two offers in 4 days! SOLD! Only one problem-we hadn't found a new home! So we closed on Queen Anne, put our stuff in storage. Moved in to my Mother In Law's for two months and now we are in my parents place. We finally found a house and we are in the midst of construction! I love it! I hope our new home will bring babies, but ya know what? The best part about all of this is???? This entire process...the staging, selling, moving, buying and renovating has been a WONDERFUL DISTRACTION from the day to day struggles of infertility. I go see an RE this afternoon and then I go paint crown moulding! Who could ask for more!?!

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