Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 weeks!

How far along? 10 weeks!  Double digits.  :) YAY!

Baby's size? The size of a prune.  Although the picture of the prune to the right looks more like a rock!  I am looking forward to moving past the prune!

Weight Gain? Not sure.  I haven't weighed as my scale at home has a sticker on it that reads "Pregnant women should not use this scale".  Guess I will be waiting until our next Doctor's appointment.   At last weigh in I was up two pounds but that was where I weighed before I started this round of IVF.  I am definitely not eating that additional 200-300 calories yet as most things don't sound good.

Maternity clothes? No, just a bella band on occasion.  I only have one in white and have been looking for another one in black but haven't found one yet.  Trying to make my clothes work as long as I can.  Some of my pants are tighter than others, in general I just don't like wearing tight pants because it makes me think I am squeezing our little star!

Sleep? Umm, yes please!  I'll take some of that!  My hips are very sore from injections so it hurts to lay in bed.  The Rh injection the nurse gave me last week really hurt and bruised my hip so for three nights in a row I have had the PIO injection in my left hip which is now sore.  At least the injections are over so I can get my hips back to feeling normal.  I'm still working on sleeping on my left side for the entire night.  I'm not there yet but working on it.  I would say that last night I slept on my left side about 90% of the night.  Still looking forward to that pregnancy pillow as I am getting sick of wrestling four pillows!  I will probably get some sort of a foam pad to put on my side of the bed as well because my side is really stiff and sore in the mornings.  Maybe a little extra padding would help?

Food?  Not my favorite subject.  For the most part I like Mexican, it's plain tasting to me.  My favorite night this week was going out to eat dinner with J's Mom and her husband.  We had hot wings which I had been wanting for weeks (I watched someone make them on the travel channel) and I even managed to eat an entire greek salad!  Honestly, I loved it so much I could have gone back the next night and will probably go back soon.  I still hate grilled meat and any vegetables.  Jamie and I thought that after I ate hot wings I was over my aversion to all meat...he bought a 12 pack of chicken breasts and we grilled them all last night.  I tried making a small chicken sandwich with a little mayo, wing sauce and tomato to cover up the bite was all i managed and that didn't go down.  I had a couple of bites of egg noodles and that was dinner.  I brushed my teeth to get the taste out and went to bed.  Jamie finds it funny that I don't like grilled meat right now but a happy meal from McD's is gourmet to me.  He asks about the hamburger meat but let's face it their hamburgers hardly tastes like meat!  I'm not eating these a lot, I have had two happy meals in 6 weeks.  Oh, also...I found a new favorite RED HOT RIPLETS CHIPS AND FRENCH ONION DIP!!!!!!  Oh my is that good.

Best moment this week? A few!  Aside from my dinner of hot wings...something funny happened yesterday.  I was in bad traffic after work.  I was feeling nauseous, was stuck in my car and still had to get to the grocery store.  To get to the grocery store I have to drive past my house, so I texted J to ask him if he would mind running a tortilla out to my car!  He agreed.  So I turned onto my street, drove up a ways and there he was with a tortilla!!!  He ran along next to my car like I was in a marathon or something and handed it to me as I kept driving and jokingly yelled "go, go,go! only 8 more miles!" like I was running!  I love that he was willing to do such an off the wall gesture.  I had one bite on the way to the grocery store and it made my nausea go away instantly!  It probably saved us some money too because plan B was to go in the grocery store and open any box of crackers or loaf of bread I could find before checking out!    Another "best moment" was watching Jamie play with my niece last night.  Jamie makes her light up and interacts with her.  When I watch J with her I can't help but look forward to him with our own child.  One more great moment...I made my blog into a hard cover book and it was delivered this week!  I now have a keep sake of the first part of our journey that I can hold onto.  It turned out so nice.  Jamie and I flipped through it and marveled at how far we have come and how much we've been through.  Other than those moments, I am just enjoying being happy and feeling fulfilled.

Movement? Not yet.

Symptoms?  Just nausea and tiredness. 

Gender? Two of our friends tell us they think we are having a girl, my brother thinks it's a boy.  Jamie and I both keep thinking it's a girl.  I'm not sure why I do but Jamie thinks it's a girl because he wants a boy so bad.  We had talked a few weeks ago about only having one child due to the cost of IVF and I told him last night that if we had a girl this time he would for sure want to try again for a boy so that blows the only child theory!  I was telling him last night that you can do gender selection with IVF, he looked at me and said...and I quote.."is it too late?"  I looked at him and howled!  "Um, yeah, I'm pretty sure we're going to have to stick with what we have Jamie...10 weeks might be a little late to select especially with only one embryo that made it out of 12!  It's not like we have more to choose from."  He cracks me up.   I would absolutely love either a boy or a girl but there is something about thinking of a little version of Jamie that I would especially love.   I love the relationship between J and his father and to watch J with a little boy would be so great to me.  J was saying last night that he would miss playing ball if he never had a boy.  He pitched to our friends little boy over the July 4th weekend and they had a great time.  When I think of J with a girl though, it just seems like it would fit.  He has two sisters and just knows women and their emotions, etc. 

What I miss?  Sushi!  I also saw a margarita this week that looked great at the Cardinals game!  I did have an O'DOULS which was so yummy and hit the spot!  How can you go to a baseball game without a beer...even if it is alcohol free!?!  But honestly, I would give those items up for life without hesitation.  We are living what we worked so hard for.  It's so worth it.

What I'm looking forward to? Our next ultrasound.  Experiencing Jamie tell his family we are pregnant.  I think it will be emotional for him...and me.  Mostly I am looking forward to finding out the sex and much much much later on...for Jamie to feel the baby move.  I can't wait for him to experience that.  Oh and at 12 weeks...going to get my hair colored!  Yikes, it's getting bad.  I haven't had my hair done since before stims started!  Dr. O gave me the okay at 12 weeks, so I have already made my appointment!

Weekly Wisdom: Good family members can make up for bad ones.  I feel so lucky to have my wonderful husband, my in-laws and my brother in my life right now.  They have been an amazing source of support.

Milestones: I had my last PIO injection last night! That officially ends months of injections! I kind of feel like we have graduated. No injections anymore, that's a big step!  Two more weeks until we are out of the first trimester! 

Emotions:  Not too bad.  I'm just really just trying to take everything in and enjoy all of this with Jamie.


Alex said...

Great update! Really hope the food aversions get better as you progress in your pregnancy!

Baby bump bound said...

I LOVE your update format - so fun to read. How did you get a hardcopy of your blog? I'd love to do that... can you pass along the info? you can email me on my blog.

Wishing you contiued luck and I really do enjoy reading your blog.

Makes me smile :)

Priscilla said...

Yay!! 10 weeks!!! Great update!!! :)

Auntie K said...

Hey lady! Haven't posted much lately, just trying to stear clear of the internet because all I do lately is obsess and worry ... no good. Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say "Yay!" for 10 weeks :) I'm in my 11th week right now and holding my breath until my NT scan on the 26th. So hard going from having u/s every week to having to wait three weeks to see that baby and reassure your worried mind ... I'm sure you can relate!

Anyways, hope all is well :)