Monday, July 12, 2010

The C's weekend update

Friday night- Jamie and I laid in bed thinking up baby names.  Okay some legit baby names and mostly really ridiculous names.  We started with a couple of nice names and before we knew it, we were throwing out crazy names.  Mine were celebrity Jason Lee's (from My Name is Earl) son's name--Pilot Inspector.  And Matthew McConaughey's nephew--Miller Lite.  Jamie threw out a couple of names that made me question how he even came up with such names.  The only one I can remember was Ashley Tila.  Ashley Tila?  Turns out that it's what one of his friends named their kids.  When he said that name I looked at him like "Where did you come up with that?" and "Are you serious?"  I was glad it didn't come off of the top of his head!  After about 15 minutes and many laughs back and forth I looked at Jamie and said "Isn't this fun?"  "Isn't it nice to have something new to talk about, something exciting?"  He agreed.

Saturday-It used to be I that cracked the whip around our house especially when it came time for party planning.  No longer.  Apparently I don't have enough drive and Jamie has assumed the role of whip cracker.  We have a party at our home in just three weeks and every weekend we work towards preparing the house for the party and buying the necessary items for the party.  I definitely haven't worked as hard on this party as I used to work for big events like this.  It used to be that I would think up crafty little projects and spend countless hours on the details.  I LOVE DETAILS!  One time I got the idea to make place card holders out of forks by bending and curling the tines of the fork to hold place cards.  I spent hours with pliars curling metal into whimsical shapes.  I still have them and still love them but those days are gone.  I have little no energy these days.  When Jamie asked me Saturday morning what our day would consist of I must admit I had pictured lounging around the entire day, curled up in my favorite comforter on the sofa in "my" living room.  Well, it turns out he had different ideas.  In half an hour I was running errands with him and then I found myself taping and painting doors and trim!  Not what I had envisioned for myself but it did need to get done.  We got a lot done that day and wouldn't you know it my darling husband even made time for the pool that afternoon.  I love getting to the pool these days.  I guess it's because I can lounge there and get some color while people watching and enjoying a dip every once in a while.  The last two times we have sat in the kid area and I have really enjoyed watching the Mommy's and Daddy's play with their young babes.  I can't help but think what a completely different experience it would be if we weren't expecting.

Sunday-I do want to add that Sunday I worked my tail off. I baked twelve strudel from scratch for our upcoming party. My feet were killing me afterwards and I kept telling Jamie I was going to sit down but kept finding myself cleaning, moving things, etc.  See?  So, I'm not totally useless!  I made it until 2:00 before I took a nap.  Naps seem to make me more tired these days.  I have always loved a good nap on a weekend but it seems now I don't wake up feeling rested but tired.  More tired than I did before the nap. 

Insurance-Our benefits for health insurance had to be renewed by today.  Jamie and I sat down Thursday night and planned for the year ahead.  Obviously right now that includes Baby C.  So we sat down and figured out what my work schedule would be after the baby was born as well as what child care options were in our area and pricing for each option.  We received pricing and were told we could come in and tour the facilities.  It seems so soon to be doing this but our benefits allow us to set aside money for child care so we needed to estimate how much we would need to set aside and as close as possible.  There are days it still hasn't hit me that I am carrying a prune(soon to be a lime) in my tummy so planning for child care was very surreal.  The cost is astonishing and after coming up with a monthly total I looked at Jamie and said "can you imagine if it had been twins!?!  That number would be double!".  He looked relieved.  All of the paper work was in on time yesterday.  We will need to make some changes once Baby C arrives but we're ready and that feels great!

What to call the baby?  We have started referring to the baby as whatever fruit, vegetable or spice it is considered size wise that particular week.  First it was "Jamie, cut me some slack I am carrying a sesame seed!"  Jokingly of course.  Saturday when I didn't feel like doing much and Jamie kept giving me the evil "get your ass up off of the sofa" eye and counting down the minutes until we were leaving I reminded him that I was carrying a prune and to take it easy on me!  This morning I said good-bye to J, he is leaving town for four days and he told me to take care of his lime.  It's fun to be able to joke and laugh. 

Poking the baby?  I had to laugh yesterday when I was telling Jamie that my stomach is starting to get harder.  I poked at it a little and grabbed his finger to show him.  He pulled back really quick and said "Stop poking it!"  He's afraid that poking or pressing on my stomach is going to harm the baby!  He cracks me up.  I keep explaining that the baby isn't right under the skin but buried deep inside and he doesn't buy it.  Oh well.


T said...

Oh what a wonderul time for you two right now. Cherish these moments and even write some in the babies book. They will love it!!

Alex said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous time with it all right now! Oh so exciting!