Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lucky 13

How far along? 13 weeks.  Official - last week of the first trimester!

Baby's size? Size of a peach! 

Weight Gain?  Probably not anymore than I weighed at the Dr.'s office last week.  My appetite is playing games again.  Nothing sounds good.  I have dined on Ramen Noodle and Pasta Roni this week.  My appetite was fine over the weekend and I enjoyed a couple of veggie sandwiches and a salad but Monday I was back to being a picky eater.  Oh, for Pete's sake I wish I could eat normally again! 

Maternity clothes? I'm going to be needing these pretty soon and of course it comes at a time where it seems we have money flying out of our butts.  We are in the process of installing a fence and retaining wall at home right now and we just received our ICSI bill for the May cycle.  A new wardrobe doesn't seem possible but I don't know what my alternative is exactly because even my shorts I have worn around the house for years are pulling in some places and tight in others.  I stood outside Saturday and literally cut the elastic to one of my pairs of Adidas shorts.  I love them but I didn't have any other shorts so I found scissors and cut the elastic!  I'm running out of time.

Sleep? How I miss the days when I slept on my stomach in my cocoon as Jamie liked to call it. 

Food?  Yuck.  I constantly have a bad taste in my mouth so I am constantly chugging water or trying to eat something to make the taste go away.  Usually regretting whatever I put in my mouth.  I have been swiping mints from my friend at work, she finally just gave me the go ahead to open her desk drawer and take however many I wanted (she has an economy size bag).  Thank goodness, I was probably driving her nuts constantly asking for mints like she has nothing better to do than be my mint keeper.

Best moment this week?  Spending time with J's family while putting the fence up.  My brother also came to help.  I am so touched that people gave up their weekend to help us build a fence.   It was hot outside and these guys were so hot and sweaty when they could have been relaxing on their sofas watching TV in the A/C.  I thanked them all several times, but thank you just doesn't seem to be adequate.  J's Mom was amazing as well, she drove all around town with me picking up all of the (un)necessary tools for the fence...we managed to hit all three major hardware stores in the St. Louis area and two of those stores we visited MULTIPLE times!  I was so tired by the end of Sunday that I crashed while everyone worked outside.  Whoops.

Movement? Not yet.

Symptoms?   Believe it or not I have pain where my Progesterone injections used to be.  The injection areas on my hips never hurt much during the two months of injections but they are really sore now.  I heard that this can last up to two months after injections end!  Last Friday afternoon I overworked myself.  I installed a water fountain in our patio area.  I tried to be really careful about not lifting things and taking breaks, etc. but that night I was getting a throbbing sensation in my lower abdomen.  This is normal but it was coming on more often than usual and later that night I was feeling a weird feeling go from one side to the other across the top of my the next two days I took it easier.  I'm used to really diving into home projects and being involved, this is new for me so I need to keep reminding myself that I can't do these things right now.  In general this week I haven't been feeling too good, I had headaches on Sunday and took the afternoon off Monday and Tuesday because I just wasn't feeling good in general.  Nothing specifically wrong, just felt blah.

Gender?  My brother and his wife want to perform a test on me where they hang a needle on a string above my stomach to see if it's a boy or a girl.   Still thinking on this one.

What I miss?   Having a normal appetite.  This crap is getting old. 

What I'm looking forward to? Having  normal appetite.  See a pattern?  Telling more people when the time is right.

Weekly Wisdom:  Never ask your husband to tell you that he loves you after he takes an Ambien.  You'll never understand the words coming out of his mouth!  

Milestones: I told my boss that I am pregnant today.  A book I read said to do it before it becomes obvious I am pregnant so I sent him an email and said I needed to talk to him.  He is new to our company and I don't know him very well and I have never had a male boss.  I wasn't sure what to say.  "Uh, I'm pregnant." That was the best Jamie and I came up with last night when we role played which was funny.  What else is there to say?  Luckily, he was really nice and congratulated me, it turns out his daughter was due February 2nd of this year and ended up delivering February 4th.  So that was cool.  I told him about my hopes to work part time, he is new so he didn't say too much about this but acknowledged my wish.  I hope I can work part time.  We can't afford to give up my salary in whole, but think we could swing giving up half of my salary.  A part time stay at home Mom is better than nothing.  I'll take it. 

What I love:  Every Wednesday when our baby turns a week older I send Jamie an email in the morning that says Happy __th week!  Inside of the email I provide two websites so he can follow what the baby is doing this week.  Last week I didn't send it to him immediately and I received an email from him saying "Where's my update?"  I love that he follows and knows what the baby is doing each week.  It's a great way for him to be involved.

Emotions: Cried like a baby last night when I was watching Kathy Griffen "My life on the D-list" and her beloved dog Chance died.  I cried this morning when I got to work and in my email was a birth announcement from my friend Christia who had her baby on Monday.  A beautiful little girl, Sawyer Marie.   

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One Who Understands said...

Congrats on making it through the first trimester! I love the idea of sending your DH a weekly update. What a cute way to keep him informed and involved.