Wednesday, November 10, 2010

28 Fabulous Weeks!

How far along? 28 splendid weeks!

Baby's size? Still...A big ol' eggplant!

Weight Gain? 12 pounds total.  I tell you it's scary seeing the number climb on the scale at first but then you remember you're pregnant.  Phew!!!!

Maternity clothes? I ordered a coat this weekend.  I hate to spend money on a huge coat but I realized it's that or nothing, it was on sale so the guilt isn't so bad.

Sleep? Shoulders are still hurting, however, they hurt less than they have been.  I've been awake the last couple of nights between 1 and 4 then snoozing when my alarm goes off for work at 6:30.  It's not easy working a full day after your sleep has been compromised.  I get very tired around 2:00 in the afternoon.  I have been drinking a cup of coffee more often in the mornings.

Food? Big news here.  I had barbecue sauce at lunch yesterday and I didnt' gag.  CBW catered our work lunch and I ordered a BBQ chicken wrap because nothing else sounded good.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

Best moment this week? Besides feeling Star move and my Dr.'s appointment yesterday the best moment was my heart to heart with J last night.  We talked for about 45 minutes in bed after he tickle attacked me for 15 minutes to find out what was bothering me-I was having a rough day.  I gave in once I started cramping from the tickles.  That guy knows every tickle spot I have-behind the knees and the collar bone!  So I gave in and told him what was bothering me and it was one of the rare moments I have with him from time to time where he wasn't watching the TV or looking at the computer while we talked or checking his email/facebook from his cell phone.  I shared, he listened, he shared, I listened and we went back and forth for a long time jumping from subject to subject.  Completely understanding each other and acknowledging.  I laid on my back in bed while he kissed my belly a few times which was so sweet.  Star moved also which he was able to feel.  Times like these are so powerful to me.    They build us up and make us stronger.  I love that we're able to talk about things, and we don't yell.  We give space, we don't intrude or invade-with the exception of tickle attacks.  We ended up talking about how we both feel the the two last years have been the best years of "us" which I believe is amazing having been through infertility and being newlyweds.  I love that.  It's effortless which I don't know that I expected this period in our life to be. 

Movement? Lots!  I put the remote on my belly Sunday night to show J how big star can kick and she didn't let us down.  The remote started rocking.

Symptoms? None.  Everything is going so well it scares me. 

Gender? A beautiful little girl

What I miss? Nothing.

What I'm looking forward to? Our next Dr.'s appt December 9th when we get to see Star again.  I'm not looking forward to my 1 hour Glaucoma test in two Fridays.  Ugh...

Weekly Wisdom:   If you have a husband that attends each OB appointment, count your blessings.  Not every woman is so lucky (some don't want their husbands to :) but two nurses yesterday told me how lucky I am to have a husband that comes to each appointment.  I am lucky.  He's so involved and I love that.  Whether it's decorating the babies room, Doctors appointments or registering J wants to be involved and be part of the process.  I love that.  I think that's why couples baby showers started becoming popular.   A lot of men are more involved these days and thus I believe couples showers are seeing a rise in popularity.  J has been especially involved since we went through IVF and I'm glad we live in a generation that can recognize men during this time as well the women. 

Milestones: Our first class is this Saturday!  I'm very excited to do this with J.

What I love: The two toddler sized shirts my Grandfather sent me out of the blue.  I received them in the mail Monday and they are so sweet!  Two shirts with a patchwork bunny sewn to each shirt.  No note or anything, typical for my Grandfather but what a neat unexpected treat in the mail.  Love that.

Emotions: Feeling a bit stressed this week. 

Misc.: Dr. appointment went great yesterday.  Dr. B said everything looks great and is still very pleased.  I had my second shot for Rh----lovely.  Our next appointment is the day before we leave for vacation.  We will have an ultrasound which I am thrilled about! 

Projects this weekend:  include sewing a new cover on a bassinet our friends gave us and making an ultrasound photo album for Star...she has so many pictures already!  I'm hoping that J will do the couple of remaining finishing touches to Star's bathroom and screw on the vent covers upstairs so we can start making a collage for the wall above her dresser.  Very excited for that.  :)


Noelle said...

I can't believe you are 28 weeks already!!! And you seem so happy, and that is a beautiful thing. I'm so thrilled for you.

Holly said...

Don't feel bad for 12 pounds, I am two weeks behind you and have gainded almost 30 pounds so far with my triplets! I'm sure you look great!! :)