Wednesday, November 17, 2010

29 Weeks

Star is kicking up a storm!  I feel her multiple times an hour every hour now.  I'm still in awe when she moves.  She usually kicks when something is pressed up against my belly.  She was kicking me where the key board at work touches my stomach and it was a little annoying trying to type an important email while having someone kicking the keyboard!  But you gotta laugh, right?  I read and was told by our class instructor last Saturday that she can actually see in the womb!  There is a little light in certain conditions where she can see shaddows, etc.  So cool as she started blinking a couple of weeks ago. 

Monday was a day that started out terrible at 7:15 AM and just got worse through out the day.  At 2:30 I was at my breaking point and that's when I saw our company mail guy walking down my aisle at work with a package of flowers.  They landed right on my desk.  I couldn't believe it.  I opened the package and there sat the most beautiful arrangement of sunflowers.  Bright yellow to brighten my day.  The note inside was very sweet but I was confused by the "_ _ _ _ all the rest." at the bottom of the note.  My husband who sent the flowers told me later that he went back and forth with the florist trying to get them to use the "f" word on the card but the florist wouldn't so he asked them to put "f_ _ _" at the bottom and they wouldn't so that explained the _ _ _ _ !  Ha ha.  He's right his note he told me to focus on the good and that I am loved and am part of a growing family.  My life is headed in the right direction and _ _ _ _ all the rest!  I love that.  I emailed J to thank him, I couldn't even call because I would have broken down over the phone when I thanked him.   He's so thoughtful and the only reason Monday turned out okay was because of him.

Breastfeeding class is Thursday night.  We need to interview Pediatricians too.  Our Dr. gave us the name of some good ones.  We also put a deposit down on first year photos for the baby.  6 sessions the first year including a maternity session if we want it.  The first shoot will take place within a week of Star's birth.  She'll be so little and scrumptious at that point.  I am excited for that.  4D ultrasound was also scheduled.  We have a 3D and a 4D within a week of each other so we can compare photos!  My next appointment is my last monthly appointment and then I start going to the Dr. every two weeks!  I can't believe it. 

Jamie's Dad and Step Mom stopped by to see Star's nursery and bathroom Sunday night.  They loved it which made me feel good.  I am hoping to pick up the glider we ordered this weekend.  It's ready and at the warehouse.  We have friends coming over for "Phamily" dinner (dinner with Phish friends) on Saturday night so it would be nice to have the glider in so they can see the room a little more complete.  Everything is done for the most part, we are focusing on wall decor really.  I am going to try and take pictures when the glider comes in this weekend.

That's about it.   Looking forward to the big 3-0.  I can't believe it's here.  I am expecting the last part of the pregnancy to fly by with Holidays and a Vacation.  We can't wait to meet star.


lmc5004 said...

The flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I love the lemons in the water!!!

Jessica said...

Love the flowers and that he tried to get the florist to write a curse word on the card....Classic!!

Alex said...

What beautiful flowers! You are one seriously lucky lady!