Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Happenings

The extra hour sure added a lot to our weekend.  Yesterday felt like it went on forever.  J and I kept joking that we were out of whack.  Wilson was asking for dinner at 3:30, I gave in, it's hard to explain time changes to a dog.  J and I weren't hungry until 6:30 or so when I finally made dinner.  And after dinner we just watched TV and surfed the internet until it was finally bed time.  We basically waited all day for the day to be over and it kept going on and on and on!  Not bad, just a little odd. 

Saturday we went to Pottery Barn Kids and returned a lamp and a shelf we had purchased.  PB's white furniture is actually off white, so off white it's actually light yellow and it didn't mesh well with the bright white furniture we have so we returned those two items and selected a cute flower shower curtain, bath mat and two sets of adorable towels that match for Star's bathroom.  The bathroom is just shy of complete which feels great!  Next weekend I want to finish up that room and check it off the list for good!  After PB we went to Treasure Rooms where we looked for a replacement lamp (no luck), asked questions about strollers and pumpkin seats and looked at diaper bags.  After a lot of thought and consideration we selected this stroller...

It's the City Mini Stroller!  We can hook a Chicco pumpkin seat in this instead of the chicco stroller that is supposed to accompany the pumpkin seat.  We like this stroller more because it glides like it's on air, it can be picked up and folded with one arm and it takes up half the space that the chico stroller takes up when folded.  It's also good for the mall or the zoo instead of having two different strollers.  We can get away with one stroller for all uses.  To accommodate the chicco pumpkin seat, we just install a bar over the seat and we're off.  We also liked the optional cup holder and drink tray for the little one...later on.  Very excited about our choice and I owe it all to my hubby.   We looked at diaper bags here too and didn't decide on any particular one but the Diaper Dude seems like a nice bag.  It even comes with a check list on the inside flap for the guys.  Ha!  On that check list...the very last item is the baby!   LOL! 

Next, it was over to Lowe's for a couple of items, then a brief stop for Mexican and then over to BRU for some more baby information.  We wanted to check out the price of their City Mini Stroller and Chicco seats.  We figured while we were there we would update our empty registry which to me serves as more of a check list of things we would like to get over the next few months rather than a gift registry.  We can do our research and add things to the list so we have a running list of what we have researched.  We registered for the City Mini there as well as the Chicco seat. 

While in that area we registered for the Medela Hands Free breast pump.  I am not sure I will be able to breast feed at all due to a breast reduction I had 12 years ago and the fact that none of my friends have had success with this but if I were to breastfeed I liked what Julia and others have had to say about the Medela Breast Pump (in particular the free style which is hands free because I would have to pump at work) so we added that to our list.  I can't believe how expensive that thing is and I am investigating other ways of obtaining this without breaking the bank.  We looked at bath tubs, high chairs, swings, vibrating chairs, etc.  I hated all of the pink stuff!   The pink items weren't cute pink, they were cheesy, hit you over the head, over the top, make you want to vomit pink.  We opted for neutral items instead which I still wasn't in love with but it was the better of the options for us.   

Anyway, we put about 46 items on our list there and then we were off to Sam's to stock up on diapers, toilet paper and paper towels and then it was off to the grocery store-2 grocery stores to be exact.  6.5 hours later we were done after J chewed me out about how much I spent on lettuce and cursing out a sprinkler valve in the parking lot.  (He called it a f_ cker after tripping over it!  I had to try and contain my laughter as I trailed behind him because he looked right at it and said "F-cker".  LOL!)  It turns out the man can only handle 6 hours out which I must say is far more than he used to tolerate-about 5.5 hours more!  And for the record it wasn't me pushing us to visit all of these places-my feet were killing me two hours in!  I'm proud of him though.  After giving him an hour at home to do nothing he came around to his usual self and was smiles when I poked at him for calling that sprinkler out!  He just needed time to decompress.  It happens.

We watched sports all night (actually I watched J watch sports-I was bored out of my mind) and hung out making dinner and then Sunday we did projects around the house, had lunch with J's Dad which I love doing because he's so funny and then it was back home for the longest afternoon, evening of our lives!  I did manage to go back over our BRU registry and check reviews on most of the items we put on the registry.  It's a good thing too because a couple of items had terrible ratings so we were able to update to new items. 

Dr.'s visit is tomorrow night.  No ultrasound or anything, just routine and then a newborn care class this Saturday (8-3).  We're also scheduling our 4D ultrasound in the next month or two.  I was thinking late November, early December but now I'm thinking mid-December after our trip to Florida so she fattens up a little bit (I've read it's best then) and we can see more of her features.  We are very excited to see Star in 4D and I should have lots of pictures to share!  Yay!


RELH said...

What it sounds like you had a busy, but very productive weekend!

Alex said...

I love the Diaper Dude bags - they're way cool!

Sounds like things are definitely coming along!

Julia said...

yay, what a productive weekend!

Good call on different bottles. You can always get more of one kind later. We now use all of our various kinds b/c T doesn't care as much now as he did in the early days.

About breastfeeding---I have a good friend who had reduction surgery, too, and she is still bf'ing at 8 months! I know she did pump right away to make sure she had a good supply and it all worked out for her.

You could also rent a pump from your hospital at first before you buy one (if you don't get it at a shower, that is)----then you can see how it goes before committing.

Don't worry about if others can or cannot breastfeed. Do what feels right for your family! If you love it and so does baby star, then go for it. But if not, that is okay too.

So excited for you!!