Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, I am stressed. J is more stressed than I. We, together equal one ball of stress. It's a good thing we have put TTC on the back burner for a month or two because I don't think we could handle that too.

I have hardly seen J this week. We bought a new home and it is...shall we say... uninhabitable while we are renovating. We couldn't live there if we wanted to. There is no carpet, a torn up sun room, walls being removed and added, new windows and doors being installed as well as siding. Our home is in shambles.  So, yes, we got ourselves into this, I realize that.   All of our belongings are in storage. When we moved out of our old home in June and hadn't found a house we tried to keep anything and everything we may need out of storage. I had no idea we would still not have a home by the time the fall rolled around so ALL of my fall/winter clothes and shoes are in a storage crate in the middle of a large warehouse somewhere in Missouri! It's hard to look appropriate for work everyday when you have short sleeve tops, and sandals to choose from and it's in the 50's! It's cold out there. I realized this this morning while walking our dog in the 50 degree weather with rain pouring down. BURRRRRR.

So, here's the rest of it...J has a job, a great one, he also is a Real Estate Agent on the side for friends/family and has one house under contract, he is in class all this week instead of work to get his brokers license but still taking on the responsibilities at work while he is in class. He was also asked to interview for a new job out of the blue this week and has accepted the offer.  So he is changing jobs.  (OMG)  Jamie is also playing the role of project manager for our home construction since his office is very close to our new home and I work downtown (30 mins away). On the weekends we spend every minute we can working on the home ourselves. We tear out carpet, flooring, wallpaper, and paint name it we do it. We do enjoy seeing the transformation and God only knows the house needed our help!

We can't wait to get into our new home with a yard and spread out. In the mean time I guess we will just keep doing what we are doing...trying to be supportive to one another, communicating by text, email and phone rather than face to face and making the most of our time together, what little we have, that is.

On a positive note: We will be in Hawaii for our one year anniversary in exactly two months! *grin*

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