Wednesday, October 20, 2010

25 weeks

Feeling pretty good this week again minus the sleeping part.  Both of my shoulder blades hurt from laying on them night after night and I keep waking up on my back.  I'm so uncomfortable that I must roll on my back during what little sleep I do get.  Last night after two hours of switching sides I gave up and moved to the sofa.  I finally fell asleep there with Wilson right below me and woke up late for work.  Oh well, at least I got some sleep.  I have a feeling I am going to be sleeping on the sofa a lot more.  It's hard for me to get in and out of our bed multiple times a night and I can never seem to get comfortable anymore.  Of course, my immediate thought is to add more pillows.  I am going to try and put a flat pillow under my shoulders and see if that relieves some pressure and I am also going to look for a sleep bra.  My misery could be due to the fact that my chest isn't supported well laying on my side which is causing problems to my shoulders.

In other news, I passed my glucose test which I am happy about.

In the nursery department, this weekend I completed a crib skirt and two window valances.  I think I am happy with the outcome but I am my own worst critic.  The valances look very sweet.  The crib skirt I think needs to be widened an inch or so on each end.  I have so many projects going on though that I don't know if I will get to that.  I also need to spray adhesive on and glitter the 3D butterflies I purchased from Etsy for one of Star's walls.  I also need to paint animals and birds around the room to tie everything together.  I need to make a collage of wall pieces above the dresser.  We have a small shabby mirror from our old house, a large letter (symbolizing the first letter of her name), I made two pieces of art that I will have framed and I need to add a shelf or two.  We did purchase a lovely glider and ottoman from Treasure Rooms this weekend.  We had looked at PB Kids and Land of Nod but they wanted $1700.00 and $1200.00 for their gliders and ottomans.  I thought that Treasure Rooms would be even more outrageous but I was surprised.  We got both pieces in a washable white fabric we chose for $900.  J and I both agreed there was NO WAY we were purchasing one of those wood gliders with a cushion that are so popular.  I hate them and thankfully so does he.  This was the only real splurge we have made so far on the nursery and I think it will be worth it.  We chose white twill because we will be able to use it in another room in the house after the baby is done with it. 

One thing that I am loving is Jamie's interest in strollers.  When we go somewhere he likes to point out the different type of strollers we see and make observations.  While at Treasure Rooms on Saturday a couple purchased a City Mini stroller.   Jamie asked them why they chose that stroller and the pregnant momma reached down and lifted it with one arm while it collapsed and said "that's why."  and then she added "and a lot of celebrities have this stroller."  Okay, whatever.  The stroller looked interesting, we will probably check it out and they told us that Treasure Rooms accepts Babies R Us coupons.  So that is cool.  We can bring in a 20% off coupon.  When I got to work this morning J had forwarded me a notice about Graco recalling one line of their strollers.  I just love the fact that he is on stroller watch.

Baby girl is really moving this week.  Yesterday I told someone at work she is like a chihuahua inside a water balloon.  I swore I could feel her doing flips.  One thing that is FREAKING me out is the fact that I keep feeling taps on my lower back.  My co-workers with kids look at me like I am crazy when I ask them what that is and are like "duh, that's the baby."  I assure them it can't be, I'm feeling this on my back!  I suppose though, it must be the baby because what else can it be day after day but you would think I have intestines and stuff between the baby and my back!  The feeling is like a little child tapping you with their finger over and over multiple times a day. 

Jamie and I have been cooking up a storm and storing breads and soups for winter.  So far we have made banana bread, zucchini bread with chocolate chips, we made pumpkin bread last night with fresh pumpkin and we have also made chicken and dumplings, vegetarian chili, tortilla soup and I see buffalo chicken chili in our near future.  It was kind of like Little House on the Prairie Sunday.  I sewed at the dining room table while Pa (J) made chicken and dumplings.   He took an interest in learning how to make two of my soup recipes this fall so I have showed him and that little bugger made them as good if not BETTER than me!  Not fair!  Tortilla soup is still the clear favorite for me although Jamie ooh's and ahh's at 'his' chicken and dumplings!  Loving fall this year and am welcoming the cold weather.  I'm hot constantly and I sit at work with a fan on me for most of the day. 

Anyway,  I feel that my life is beginning to become balanced.  I don't feel I can ask for much more.


christia said...

You are so funny! Those taps you are feeling are probably hiccups!

Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

no no no silly. They are too fast for hiccups! There are like 20 to 30 of them in 10 seconds! I have felt hiccups!

Alex said...

Wow - everything sounds great! I especially love the description of your Little House on the Prairie time... Nice work!