Friday, October 15, 2010

Dr. Appointment

I drank the ever so lovely Glucose drink yesterday.  It was gross, not nasty but gross.  A sugary watery drink with an after taste.  I chose the new fruit punch flavor and let me just tell you it didn't taste like fruit punch.  I gave blood and should find out in a couple of days what the results are.

J didn't make it on time for the appointment so I went in for the exam alone.  No biggie, I just hate for J to miss anything.  Dr. B listened to the heart and said it sounded great.  Looked at my blood pressure which was 110/60 I think and was pleased with that.  I gained two pounds in the last month.  He said my weight was excellent and he was very pleased with the amount I have gained so far which is 7 pounds total in almost 6 months.  I'm pleased with that too.  Me appetite isn't crazy at all.  I eat a lot of small snacks/meals but not excessive which surprises me based on all that I heard of pregnancy.  No cravings or anything of that sort.

My next visit I will get an RH- shot and I will be looking to get a flu shot in the next couple of days but really there is nothing else to add.  An easy non-eventful appointment.   

I got home after the appointment last night and J had cleaned the house and done all of the laundry.  That made my night and will make the weekend that much easier.  It takes a lot of energy to do all of the little things around the house I used to do, energy which I don't have too much of anymore.  Energy this weekend will be spent trimming Star's bathroom and sewing her crib skirt and curtains.  That's about all I've got!  Anyway, it was certainly a nice treat to come home to.  I love my J.

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Alex said...

That's great that your appointment was good - your weight gain and blood pressure sound great! And how wonderful is J that he cleaned the house and did the laundry!!!