Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26 weeks!

How far along? 26 weeks

Baby's size? A big ol' eggplant!

Weight Gain?  Not sure, won't know until my next appointment.  Nov. 9

Maternity clothes? Had some delivered last night.  I realized a few days ago that we are going to Florida soon and I will have nothing to wear so I took advantage of some sales and now I have 1 swimsuit, three pairs of shorts and two t-shirts to wear for 9 days or so.  My cute hubby keeps telling me I can wear his old t-shirts the rest of the trip.  Nice.  Gosh forbid we want to go out for a nice dinner or something, which we usually do.  I won't know what to do. 

Sleep? This is literally a painful subject.  The muscles or tissue under my left shoulder blade feels as though it's torn or something.  I am going to look into a brace to help with the belly weight and am going to a bra shop to see if I can get a couple of supportive bras.  I talked to my Doctor's nurse and she said that unfortunately when women call in with these sorts of problems at this point in their pregnancy it typically just worsens.  The only thing she said I could do is take extra strength tylenol, apply wet heat like a hot wet towel or apply hot shower water to that area.  She also said that if I have an attentive hubby to have him rub that area.  *Eh hem*  Sorry, just clearing my throat.  :)  (Hi honey!)  Anyway, until I get this fixed I can't lay on either side so I am sleeping on my back and the weight of the baby and her movements really add up when laying on your back.  She's smashing all of my important inside stuff!

Food? Going well.  Loving pumpkin bread and pumpkin cheesecake this week.  Jamie and I made them both after cooking a fresh pumpkin.  We brought the cheesecake to our friends house for a birthday and he called it pumpkin cheesecrack!  It is simply AMAZING.  I hate cheesecake but this is so light and fluffy it hardly resembles cheesecake.  I'm eating a leftover piece now!  :)

Best moment this week? Anytime I feel movement!  I love it!

Movement? Lots!

Symptoms? Not really.

Gender? A beautiful little girl

What I miss? Nothing.

What I'm looking forward to? Jamie actually seeing Star move like I have a couple of times.

Weekly Wisdom: When you are at a loss for how to decorate ask yourself "What would Martha Do?"


Emotions:  Happy, I really feel like I am making a lot of progress in some areas in my life.  It feels really good.  I am fortunate that the parts of my life that mean the most to me are "10 out of 10's" (J, home, pregnancy).  J and home have always been "10 out of 10's" but it feels great to add pregnancy to that list. 

Misc.- I just want to say (and I know I have said it before) that I feel so honored to be pregnant.  I am amazed every time I feel Star move.  I often put both hands on my stomach to make sure I get the full effect of her movements and just smile in disbelief.  It's the sweetest most special experience I have had in my life so far.  I often feel like we chose Star by having In-vitro but that she also chose us being the only embryo to survive.  I thank my lucky stars for her.  I am so blessed.  I never take this pregnancy for granted.  I want to remember every second of this special time and as I have told J on beautiful days, "I wish I could put this day in my pocket so I could use it for later."  I feel the same way about being pregnant.  No matter what sleep I am losing, how uncomfortable I am...I want to remember every second and I wish I could put it in my pocket and open it up years from now because one day I know I will wish I could experience it again.  I am fortunate for the experience we went through to get pregnant.  I feel like it's allowing me to appreciate the gift I hold so much more than I would have before infertility.  I am so blessed.


Melissa said...

Belly pics, belly pics, belly pics!!

T said...

This post just makes me smile :O)
I cannot believe you are already 26 weeks!

Alex said...

Wow - you sound so wonderful!