Wednesday, December 8, 2010

32 Weeks- Who does Star look like?

First off...I thought it would be fun to post our baby pictures to compare with Star's 4D ultrasound pictures... we have determined the lips are probably mine but the nose we can't decide looks a little wider like J's but round like mine...check out the last post.

How far along? 32 weeks!

Baby's size? About 4 pounds. 

Weight Gain? Not sure, will find out tomorrow.  Eek.  It's been a while since I have weighed so that scares me but I have found that I eat much less now that my stomach is squished and I have started getting nauseous at the smell of foods again.  Cereal is my friend right now.  That and plain foods...again.

Sleep? Left shoulder blade is still hurting. I've tried everything I can think of to make it go away and to make the pain stop. Nothing helps.  Dr. B says that having the baby will be the only cure.  Unfortunately, I think he is right. 

Food? I have slowed down on milk.  Not sure why.  Everything else is losing it's appeal.

Best moment this week? Not this week so much as last week when we saw Star.  That was special.  J and I posted the pictures on our facebook pages and I have to say it was funny when J's Dad called after the ultrasound and seeing the pictures on Facebook.  We had posted the pictures on Facebook and referred to the baby as 'Star'.  We haven't told anyone the baby's name so when J's Dad saw 'Star'.  He told us he was a little shocked by the name.  J and I kind of laughed and when his Dad reiterated that 'Star' wasn't exactly a name he was expecting.  I looked at J and said, I think he doesn't understand that Star is her nickname.  J said "Dad, you realize that Star is just a nickname and not what her name will actually be, right?"  And his Dad said "oh yeah, I was just surprised when I saw it, that's all."  (I think he really thought we were naming her Star.)  Hopefully, he will have a better reaction to the real name we have chosen.  He has told us how much he likes the name Olivia a couple of times.  Another milestone this week is our second-second wedding anniversary. December 6, 2008 we had our second wedding in Mexico. 

Movement? Lots! Star has started sticking limbs out to stretch which I can see when my stomach stretches.  So strange.

Symptoms? Aversion to foods again.

Gender? A beautiful little girl

What I miss? Nothing.

What I'm looking forward to? Our next Dr.'s appointment, the ultrasound before hand and VACATION.  I just want to relax and not have to worry about making it to work after little to no sleep and spending 9 grueling hours in a chair with a hurt shoulder for one week.  For one week, I want to sleep in if I don't sleep during the night or lounge around instead of sit at a desk hour after hour.

Weekly Wisdom: Keep calm and carry on.

Milestones: 4 day ultrasound
What I love: Counting down the weeks until Star arrives.

Emotions: I am doing much better emotionally this week. 

Projects: I'm waiting until my long weekend on Christmas to get more projects done.  Chop-chop!  Time to crack down and knock out these pesky line items!


Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Omg! Your pictures are adorable, and they look like mine... my baby pictures look like from the 1920s! Haha! I think your baby will be a lovely mix of you both! :)

Life Happens said...

What adorable baby pictures! With genes like that, Star will be beatuiful!

Auntie K said...

Ugh, I've been getting nauseas again for the past few weeks (and getting sick!) ... and thankfully most days food is ok. But there have been a few days, especially while at work where just nothing sounds or looks appealing. Plus the fact that she's definitely taking up more room makes it harder. By the way, how amazing is it to see your belly contort in the weirdest shapes! I love it!

P.S. - Can't wait to hear what name you've decided on! We still have yet to pick. I'm waiting to see her beautiful little face first :)