Wednesday, December 15, 2010

33 weeks - a bulleted update on vacation

The 33rd week has been an interesting week.  
  • Flying was difficult and it was hard to sit for so long with a sore back.  I used heating patches for my back in an effort to help my left shoulder.  My Dr. had told me to get up and stretch mid-flight.  I got up once on our flight from Chicago to Ft. Myers but that didn't make my feet swell any less.  My feet were so swollen after we landed and I had sharp pains in my stomach.  That night I got great sleep.
  • Shoulders, neck, hips and collar bones hurt from sleeping on both sides.  Using heating pads on a regular basis to help the pain under my shoulder blade.
  • Feet have started swelling.  Toes resemble lil' smokies more and more. 
  • Walked around the outlet mall yesterday and after three or so hours I was done.  My feet were killing me, I grew silent and couldn't think anymore.  It was fun to go into the kids stores we had never gone into before.  We are doing more shopping today.
  • Using the bathroom constantly.  Around 5-6 times per night and I think I used the bathroom 5-6 times at the outlet mall.  Sometimes I think Star just nudges my bladder and gives me the urge to go even though I just went and don't really have to.  The strange thing about going so often is that when you have to go, YOU HAVE TO GO and then you go and there is hardly anything.
  • Star is moving from side to side more now that she is running low on room and instead of kicks I am feeling her entire body squirm.  Her head is down and low.  
  • I forgot to mention last week after the Dr. appt. that I have gained 18 pounds total so far which I am thrilled with.  I don't crave anything but milk.  Ice cream doesn't even thrill me but I have had a couple of small bowls full of Blue Bell Ice Cream since I have been down in Florida.
  • My hips have started hurting and I have noticed that I waddle now.  I think it must be the relaxin that the body releases to help loosen the joints.  
It's been great being on vacation with my hubby.  He has been very helpful in helping me get comfortable when I can't seem to get comfortable.  A few more days to go...


K said...

32-33 weeks is when it all started to go a little downhill for me. I hear you on everything from the soreness of sleeping to the waddle to the swelling and the incredibly short expiration period at the outlets!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Alex said...

Glad you're having a nice time on vacation!