Friday, January 14, 2011

Dr. appointment

We went back to Dr. B's office for an ultrasound and routine exam.  J was running late due to work so I went into the ultrasound alone.  There was a mix up and the testing I was supposed to have this time was not scheduled.  So instead of listening to the heart rate and making sure the baby isn't stressed we only had the ultrasound which didn't make me happy.  In fact, my appointment was at 5:00 and they don't even administer that test after 4:30.  Ugh...

The ultrasound technician measured all four quadrants of the sac right away.  To measure the amount of amniotic fluid she takes an image of all four quadrants and then measures the dark black areas on each image coming up with a total amount of fluid.  Dr. B said last time that what they don't want to see is a number below five and certainly another decreased number since the number has declined the previous two appointments.  J asked the Dr. what would happen if they saw a decreased number and Dr. B explained that they would deliver the baby.

The fluid amount was originally 12 and then 7 and yesterday it was 4.  That number scared me.  Just remembering what Dr. B said last time had been playing in my head throughout the day, I didn't want to see a number below 5 and here it was, 4.2.  I wished that J had been there, I wanted to get someone else's reaction to this number.  The ultrasound technician was stoic as always.  I got scared again when she paused over the heart beat and stopped for over a minute.  She had never done this before.  We finished up, wiped off the belly and I was off to the waiting room for the appointment with Dr. B to get his take on things.

I sat there for a minute and all of a sudden I heard someone running down the hallway and the door was J.  I told him the number and he was stunned but then smiled and touched my leg and nervously said "this could be it".  We were called back. The exam went fine.  I am one centimeter dilated and up 24 pounds now.  We met the Dr. in his office next to talk.  He went over the paperwork and said he was concerned about the amount of amniotic fluid and wanted me to go to the perinatal unit today or Monday for a bio-physical test which is where they will do another ultrasound and listen to Star's heart for a long period of time to make sure she is okay.  I am currently waiting for my Dr.'s office to open at 9:00 so I can get them to order this test and then call the perinatal lab and schedule it.  Hoping I can get in today and not have to wait until Monday.


Life Happens said...

I hope your appt goes well today. It's getting so close for baby Star to come!! Good luck.

Auntie K said...

Ugh, good luck Amber! I know how stressful and worrisome it can be being told the AF level is low. Just know the level can depend on lots of things (like if you're dehydrated, her position, etc) Hoping you're able to get in today and not have to wait until Monday!