Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Shower

We had a baby shower yesterday.  It was given by my brother Brent, his wife Taryn and Jamie's two sisters Julie and Nancy.  It was a special day which was made special by the thought that went into planning and orchestrating it.  My brother wanted it to be perfect and would call and run things by me in the weeks prior.  I kept telling him not to stress over it and that whatever he did would be perfect and it was.  The fact that my brother cared enough to help meant a lot to me.  He was my only family member present.  I just appreciated the thought and the effort as well as every person that took time to come to the shower.  It meant so much to be surrounded by the people that mean so much to us. 

We received many wonderful gifts which we are so grateful for.  Some sweet clothes of all sizes and many blankets which I love.  A couple of gifts off of the registry which were nice as well.  All in all a great day surrounded by the people we love the most and the people that love us the most.  We are so fortunate.

One of my favorite gifts was from my Grandfather and his wife, Kay.  I didn't expect to receive anything from my family and to know they took the time and made the effort to send a gift meant so much and made me feel like I did have family there.  Kay's daughter, Dana sent a lovely gift as well.  A keepsake box full of blank stationary with instructions.  I am to write "Star" one letter every year on her birthday telling her what the past year has meant to me and save them until she turns 21.  For 21 years after she turns 21 I mail one of those letters to her each year the week before her birthday.  It's the only time I cried during the shower.  I have always loved traditions and I look forward to this tradition and I am so happy and fulfilled to have a daughter to share a tradition with.


Alex said...

What a lovely tradition for you and Star. This would be so nice for her to receive those letters as an adult. Beautiful!

So glad the shower went well - you look fantastic!

TeeJay said...

I'm so glad you had a nice shower and what a great tradition to pass on. How very sentimental, too. Glad things are still going well for you...not much longer now!

Louise said...

You look fantastic! I'm glad you enjoyed your shower.... ps I'm a lurker!!!!... I don't comment too much but I love your blog! xx


Krissi said...

You're almost there!! That's so exciting! I am so happy for you! I just featured you as one of my many successful blog love ladies! WoooHooo! I hope to get a success story from you soon!