Sunday, January 16, 2011

Patience of a Saint

Still on bed rest.  Finding it very difficult to stay horizontal.  Why is it that it would be much easier to be lazy all weekend if it was my idea versus a Doctors?  I'm doing my best but have been told by the hubs to "go lay down".  We had friends over last night for dinner.  A couple that had a baby 6 weeks ago.  We saw them on New Years and invited them over for dinner at our house. 

Their baby was quiet for an hour before dinner while we talked and through most of our dinner itself.  Her Daddy gave her a bottle after dinner and within one minute of starting the bottle the baby freaked out for what seemed like no reason to all of us.  She cried one of those frustrated/angry cries while Dad tried to calm her and then while Mom tried to calm her passing her back off to Dad and then back to Mom.  A half hour later I told J he should give it a try as I was stuck on the sofa and baby liked to walk around.  Mom and Dad were getting frustrated.  He gladly accepted and walked around with the baby.  The parents sat with me, exhausted and bewildered.  J walked around with the little baby for a half hour or more while she cried and cried.  I heard J's foot steps pacing up stairs, I could hear the baby too and just when the Mom suggested we save Jamie...he arrived in the dining room with a little Monkey falling fast asleep on his shoulder.  I was so proud of him.  She had been crying for over an hour at this point.  He did so well and Mom and Dad breathed a sigh of relief while we opened dessert. 

The patience of a saint isn't normally how I would describe my husband but last night he pulled through when all others gave up.  I was proud of him and he was proud of himself and I think it was one of those moments that made him feel like he could handle a baby.


H said...

Sounds like your hubby is a natural! GO LAY DOWN and relax! :-) You deserve it and even though it's hard, you may not get many chances to do that soon!

Alex said...

How good is J! I love that you're having a little practice before it's go time. And this just confirms (not that we didn't know already) that J is going to be a wonderful father! Hang in there on the bedrest!