Monday, January 3, 2011

Bump picture - 1 month to due date

New years was fun this year and we managed to actually do something for the first time since 2002/3.  We went to our friends home, had dinner and watched Phish in a live concert from Madison Square Garden.  In 2002/3 we were at MSG watching Phish live.  I didn't think I would stay awake the whole time but I did.  I faded quick at the end.  Our friends just had a baby a month ago so it was nice being able to hold her and ask questions.  I gave the mom a break and held the baby so she could eat dinner and enjoy having company instead of lugging a baby around.  J held her too, he's a natural and he loves holding babies.   You can just see it in his face.  I had the baby cradled in my arms at one point when Star gave the baby a big kick in the butt!  Star kicks anything that rests on the belly so little Sammy got a big ol' kick.  I had to laugh.  These people also have a beagle that likes to sit on pregnant bellies, so the beagle and I became close friends.

J took this picture yesterday, one month until our due date.  My shirts aren't quite covering all that they used to length wise.  This shirt used to be long.

We have started readying ourselves and the house for the final few weeks.  The room is completely finished minus a slipcover for the chair.  The name is hanging from the clothes line on the wall between trees, her first initial is surrounded by shelves and art along with other mementos and her monogram is on the wall above her changing table.  There is no mistaking it, this is Star's room.  Pictures of that still to come, although I am going to have to blur the personalized lettering as we haven't shared her name yet.  I also completed Star's ipod play list.  I have included 110 baby Mozart songs along with other favorite songs of mine and J's.  I set it up in the ipod player on her dresser yesterday and I think we will love having that in there.  We are both so proud of this room.  It turned out so great and I love that we created the room item by item.  We chose every little detail ourselves and it's so perfect that we both continually visit it just to look at it.  It's beautiful. 

We started packing J's bag as well as the electronics.  We only have two tiny suitcases so I think we are doing well. 

An employee of J's gave us a big box of baby clothes sized NB to 6 months so we went through those and washed what we were interested in and put the other items in the basement.  Star is all good for clothes in her first 6 months and we really spent a minimal amount of money for all we have which is great.   There is no pressure to make sure she wears every little garment, if she does...great, if she doesn't...great. 

I caught myself nesting a few times this weekend.  I cleaned out the baby overflow room/Wilson's boom-boom room.  We keep a years worth of diapers in there / extra clothes that Star will wear after 6 months, toys, etc.  J found me at one point and asked me what I was doing and I said "nesting".  He just laughed at me.  Then Sunday I had the urge to clean the basement...more so than I did a few months ago.  I purged a lot of crap...that felt good.  I hate clutter and those basements are clutter collectors!  For a floor of our house we never visit it sure collects a lot of crap. 

I have two showers in the next couple of weeks.  One at my sister-in-laws for J's family and some of our friends and one at my former managers house for co-workers.  

Things we still need to do include going to the fire station up the street and having car seat bases installed.  Completing the diaper changing closet on the lower level.  Finish what packing remains for the hospital.  Putting the bassinet in our room.  Those are the biggest items left, yet I am sure I will find items to add to the list as time progresses.


Heather said...

You look beautiful! Hard to believe you only have a few more weeks!

Alex said...

What a fabulous picture - you look great! Glad to hear it's all coming together!

Julia said...

yay FINALLY a belly pic!!! I would not have recognized you if I didn't know this was your blog. You are simply glowing and the cutest pregnant lady ever. So so so happy for you guys.