Friday, January 7, 2011

Ultrasound/Dr. appt.

Met Jamie at the Dr.'s office yesterday at 4:30.  We were called back to the ultrasound room shortly after.  Baby girl is still measuring big.  This time at 7 pounds 5 ounces.  My weekly update said she should be around 6 pounds this week.  As long as she is healthy and happy in there I am okay with anything.  The ultrasound technician thinks the estimates are generally a bit over by 6 ounces.  Next she measured the amniotic fluid which we spoke with Dr. B about later.  Star was up to her usual antics.  Sticking hands in her mouth and had her feet up by her head.  I told the ultrasound tech. that was my girl and it looked very familiar.  Of the three pictures we received, the only picture you can really make out is a foot, of course, and take note of the strong bones with all of the milk I drink!  Jamie and I marveled at her femur when we saw it, it was huge too.  Girl's got strong bones!

(The foot is upside down.)

We headed back to the waiting room and were called back to see Dr. B quickly after being seated.  My weight is up 22 pounds so far.  The exam went fine.  No mention of dilation which I took to mean I wasn't dilated.  I was right.  We met in his office next and he said the due date is looking like Jan. 28th now from Star's measurements.  So we have had four due dates...our original due date from our RE after IVF of Feb. 2, our 12 week ultrasound due date of Feb 16, our 32 week ultrasound due date of Jan. 20, and now our 36 week ultrasound due date of Jan. 28th.  Dr. B said that it looks like the 12 week ultrasound of Feb. 16 was a fluke so we are throwing that one out.  He thinks our original date is more correct which I could have told him!  Our RE told us not to let anyone give us a different due date than what he was giving us after our BFP.  I am okay with whatever date we go with from here on out. 

Dr. B touched on the amniotic fluid issue next.  Last time he said there was too much fluid, measuring at 12.9.  The fluid should measure around 12.  This time there was 7._ fluid.  They don't like to see below 5.  He said this could change based on babies position but he wants us back next week for a specific type of ultrasound where they listen to the heart rate for 20-30 minutes while measuring the amniotic fluid.  So...that is next Thursday @ 5:00.  Dr. B said the ultrasound could measure higher next week, you never know but what we don't want to see is 12.9 go to 7._ and then go lower making a pattern. 

BH contractions have been few and sporadic over the past couple of weeks.  I had one yesterday morning but nothing more to speak of.  After my exam I have been experiencing a lot of cramping.  I had cramping last night before bed, in the middle of the night and a little this morning.  I am thinking that Dr. B just irritated my cervix because I have been bleeding as well.  I'm putting a call into the Dr.'s office this morning to speak to a nurse and make sure this is okay. 

Car seats will hopefully be installed today.  A couple of minor projects around the house and we will finish up packing for Star's birthday then we should be good to go.


Alex said...

Sounds like everything's going very well, and you guys are going to be super ready to see little Star!!!

Auntie K said...

Hi, are we twins?! I just had the same convo about my amniotic fluid level. I can't remember exactly what my level was 2 weeks ago, but my doctor did check because my fundal height was a little over a week behind ... fluid level was fine then. Well, last night I ended up getting checked out in L&D because LO was having a lazy day and freaked me out. My fluid level was 7.4! Of course I'm worried, who wouldn't be ... right? Anyways, we have an appointment tomorrow with our Dr. and I'm hoping/praying/crossing my fingers there is an improvement.