Monday, December 28, 2009

This week - 12-28-2009

I emailed a few times with my Nurse at Dr. A's office this morning.  J and I  have decided to skip the laproscopy as we would have to pay a large portion of it ourselves since we haven't met our deductible yet.  That very same money could go toward the IVF costs which is almost certain to be the route we will take to get pregnant. 

Something else interesting was said in my email with the Nurse...she called in a prescription of provera to start my cycle since it's been almost two months and she said to call her on day one of my cycle and she would schedule my blood work as well as Jamie's and that we just might be on the IVF schedule for FEBRUARY OR MARCH!!!!!! 

Jamie and I have our financial meeting at Dr. A's office Wednesday.  It's a lot of money to scrape together and give them up front.  I am hoping that we can figure this out quickly so we can get on a list for a cycle ASAP!  With the start of a new cycle approaching quickly and our financial meeting scheduled this could be a perfect start.

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