Thursday, December 31, 2009

FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE (+): The ten best things to happen to me 2000-2010!

10.  Jan. 2000 - Studying abroad in Spain for a Semester

9.  Fabulous vacations and trips to Spain (including Barcelona, Sevilla, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Toledo) London, Ireland, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Aruba, St. Marteen, St. Thomas, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Lake Tahoe, Mexico and Hawaii, and Florida - I have to mention Florida because I have been there at least ten times in ten years!

8.  June 2009 - My niece Peyton was born.

7.  April 20, 2007 - I got engaged!  Jamie proposed to me on a trip to Chicago for the Cardinals / Cubs series.  It was a magical weekend at the W hotel.  He put so much thought into that weekend...upgraded our room to a lake overview in a spectacular suite, dinner the night he proposed at Gibsons (yummo!) in room massages the morning after he proposed, three baseball games and friends were there as well!  I will never forget it.

6.  July 2008 - Jamie had Gastric Bypass and has successfully lost over 180 pounds.  So happy for him. 

5.  May 2006 - Graduated with a BA degree in Interior Design from Maryville University

4.  February 2006 - Landed a great job at my current employer as an Interior Designer - my favorite job was the Hurricane Katrina recovery project which included 25 buildings and lasted 2 years.

3.  We moved three times!  We have been fortunate enough to make three great investments in three great houses over the last 9 years.  Our first house was bought out which was a great opportunity for us and we fixed up our second house and sold it in May.  Our newest house is quite a project but it will be amazing when it's done.

2.  December 6, 2008 - Jamie and I and 40 guests had an unbelievable weekend in Puerto Morelos, Mexico where we had a symbolic ceremony for friends and family.

1.  November 25, 2008 - Jamie and I got legally married on the beach in Marco Island Florida with his Grandmother as our witness.  He is my everything, this is by far the best thing to happen to me in the last 32 years.

Looking forward to the next ten years!

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