Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

So, vacation was amazing.  Best week of my life, I can say that easily.  We did everything and more than we dreamed.  The food was expensive and delicious and I  have to share a triple berry pie recipe from the Lahaina Grill.  This pie, the Triple Berry Pie is $13 a slice and we ate dessert here three nights.  We only had dinner at Lahaina Grill one night, the other two nights we drove across town after eating elsewhere to have this pie for dessert! This pie is freaking amazing and served COLD-like you are eating it straight out of the fridge! 

Anyway, we did many great things, we drove the 54 mile drive to Hana, which is cliff side along the coastline, stopping to admire waterfalls and lava beaches, we snorkeled at an uninhabited crater island and even woke up at 2am one morning to drive three hours to the top of a volcano to watch the sunrise at 10,000 feet above elevation!  We saw the sunrise from above the clouds.  REALLY AMAZING!  Many great drinks too.  Did I mention I snorkeled in front of our hotel and a sea turtle swam two feet from my left shoulder????  Just came towards J and I and it was so beautiful and peaceful. 

We flew home Sunday night but before I left I went and floated along the shore at our hotel.  I felt very at peace drifting in the waves.  I laid in the water and had a talk with God.  I am not overly religious, in fact I haven't been to Church in many many years but I talk to him now and again.  I laid in the water and tried to come up with something to say, I tried to have a conversation but all I could say over and over was "Please God, let me have a baby."  I looked at the sky and just kept repeating it.   

So, we are moving forward.  Got the new insurance cards in the mail while we were away so I called Blue Cross this morning to ask how much of my Laproscopy they would cover, they said 90%.  It looks like we just have to schedule the blood work and lap procedure for January along with Jamie's tests and we should get some results back and know what to do from there.  It sounds so easy right?  I think that starting all of this in January will let us enjoy the holidays a little more although it will definitely be on our minds. 

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