Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trial Embryo Transfer

My trial embryo transfer was yesterday.  I wasn't sure what to expect because this wasn't performed during my last IVF cycle.  Anyway, the Dr. was a little late as he seems to always be but I am generally fine with that because when it's my turn he takes his time.  So Dr. O came in and reviewed my records, he mentioned he had reviewed them a couple days before as well.  And then he said, "Did I tell you we want to do partial ICSI after your retrieval?"  "Um no, you hadn't told me that" (In fact, last time you said you prefer to wait until you see how the egg and sperm are behaving in the dish before deciding on ICSI)  I was confused as to why there was a change of heart.  ICSI is an additional $1300-$1600.  I asked why he thought we needed a partial ICSI, he said for precautionary measures they would like to let half of the eggs they retrieve try and fertilize on their own and the other half to undergo ICSI to better the odds.  I'm all for bettering the odds but Geeze, if we keep adding on to our tab we are going to have a wing named after us at this hospital!  I knew telling J this would not be fun and though he took the news well he wasn't excited about putting more money into this either, however, we have to trust that the Doctor knows what he is doing and as J's mom said...consider the ICSI like case the fertilizing doesn't happen naturally we have a back up plan.  I like this. 

So anyway, the mock transfer.  Uncomfortable.  It took three tries to get the speculum in the right position, this was the second time I have been told that my cervix is angled downward.  (Just in case any of you wanted to know this fine piece of trivia.)  Two catheters later we were done.  Not my favorite visit to the hoo-hah inspector but I'll take it.  The doctor said everything looks normal.  We're on our way, slowly but surely we will get there...

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