Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fertilization Report :)

I got the call from the nurse at 12:15 with our fertilization report.  I was so nervous.  She asked how I was feeling and wanted to know if I was drinking all of my fluids, etc.  I wanted to say "Get to it lady"!  UGH!  I have never been so nervous and filled with such anticipation in my life!  So here it goes.  She said that out of the 12 eggs, 11 were mature!  Only one was too immature to make it.  That's a pretty great ratio!  That relieved some of my fear.  Then she reminded me that they were doing partial ICSI and injected 5 of those 11 eggs with sperm.  All five fertilized!!!!  Then she said the remaining 6 will be fertilized conventionally where they will place one egg with multiple sperm and see what happens.  2 of those have fertilized so far!  I think that's pretty good for overnight and for fertilizing all by themselves!  So far we have 7 embryos incubating.  They were placed back in the incubator this morning and they won't be taken out again until Saturday morning.  At that time we will be given instructions between 7-8 AM, they will either tell us to come in and have them transfered that day or to plan on a fifth day transfer which would be Monday.  I am hoping for a five day transfer, just because the Dr. explained that the embryologist will get to observe the embryos longer and look at cell division to tell which ones are doing better and then decide which to transfer.  Oh my gosh, this is the most hope I have had in so long.  I can't believe we have embryos.  My heart is overflowing with love for these little guys already.  I passed our hospital this morning on my way to work and sent good thoughts in their direction and said a little prayer.  I hope they continue to grow and thrive. 

Here is a little helpful information regarding embryo cell division:

Day 0: Eggs are retrieved and combined with retrieved sperm

Day 1: Physician will check for fertilization

Day 2: Embryo should be fertilized and have 4 cells

Day 3: Embryo should now have 8 cells

Day 4: Embryo is now in morula stage and ready for embryo transfer

Day 5: Blastocyst stage of development

For more charts like this one and more information on embryos visit


Rain Child said...

That's GREAT news!!! Congrats.

TeeJay said...

That's awesome news! I felt a little silly loving my embryos but as I read about more and more women going through IVF, I see I'm not alone in that feeling. Best of luck to you and I hope you get some good blasts and maybe a couple to freeze!! (If that's what you want.)

Lorin said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations!

Jessica said...

Yay..that's great news. Grow..grow..grow!!

Holli said...

Congrats on such great news! I think your numbers sound wonderful!!! Hoping for continued smooth sailing and more great news to come!

Priscilla said...

Great news!! Grow Embies Grow!!!!

Auntie K said...

Great news! So happy you're finally at this point! :) Stay positive!

The Wolf's said...

That is amazing news! They are doing so well! I was in the office yesterday and Tuesday and sent good vibes to you both times. Good luck for tomorrow!

Christia said...

Hoooorayyy! I can't believe you might be PG by this weekend! And with multiples... I'm so excited for you. I will laugh (with joy of course) if you have triplets or somethings. Then a whole new adventure will begin :)
Love reading your blog!