Friday, May 7, 2010

Stim Day 8 - U/S!!

So much to say!  My E2 today was 447.  That's a slightly better rise than I saw on day 6.  I just cross my fingers that I see a good jump soon.  The nurse said that the Dr. wanted to keep my lupron at 10 units and Menopur at 150 again tonight but to up the Follistim dose to 225.  We go in again tomorrow for more blood work and another ultrasound at 8:50.  Hopefully the extra Follistim does something spectacular!  See my chart below with new information added.

I had a special visitor at my ultrasound this morning, my Mother in Law, Nancy!   J couldn't make it.  Nancy was gracious enough to fill in and provide support so I didn't have to attend my first ultrasound alone.  I left her in the waiting room as I went and gave blood (just because it's such a small room) and then came back and got her and headed to ultrasound.  We had a short wait and then we were instructed to go to room one.  I promptly changed clothes and had a seat and we were off!  I wasn't sure what I was going to see with a low E2 on Wednesday...I told J last night that we were probably going to have clunkers for follies since he didn't sing to them the night before.  This brought swift action on his part..he was singing in no time!  It must have worked because on the ultrasound screen this morning we watched as the ultrasound technician meticulously measured 6 follicles on the left side all over 10mm (12.5 was the largest) and 8 follicles on the right side over 10 mm(14.5 was the largest).  There were many more that were under 10mm that I am hoping will catch up by our next scan.  All in all I was very pleased.  No clunkers, just beautiful growing follicles.  It's so neat to see what all of our injections are bringing us.  I am hopeful that these little guys will keep growing and produce healthy eggs.  I sure am having crampy feelings more and more these days.  This morning I caught myself thinking that my period must be coming because the cramps felt so familiar.  It's so automatic: cramps equal period.  It's funny to have to remind yourself that those aren't period cramps but (hopefully) growing follie cramps.

As for this weekend.  I am so happy to have massages scheduled at our home Saturday.  I think we could both use a little stress relief.  And Sunday I think we may be having brunch with J's Grandmother which will be nice.  I always enjoy seeing her.  Sunday afternoon we are celebrating Mother's Day at Nancy's. 
 It's nice to have a Mother to celebrate.  I have contemplated on whether or not to send my own mother a card or email.  I think I have decided to send her an email.

For those of you IF ladies that are dreading Mother's Day - I hope you are able to find peace in some form and enjoy the day in some way.  I've been reading about the pain that so many women I blog with are experiencing in regards to Mother's Day and it breaks my heart.  Maybe it's because I am fairly new in my infertility journey but I'm not sad for myself.   What does make me sad is the severed relationship I have with my own Mother.  This year I choose to celebrate and be happy for the women I know that are Mothers and the women I know that just realized they are going to be Mothers.  I'm very happy for them.

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Alex said...

The follies sound great! Congrats on your growing eggies!!!

Hope your e2 increases, and you have a really nice weekend. Do something extra special for yourself this weekend - you deserve it!!!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Sounds like things are going well! Only a few more days now for you! It sounds like our E2s are opposite- mine shoots through the roof after a few days. ;) I will send a little of my overzealous E2 in your general direction.

Also, me and my husband have massages planned tomorrow too! Enjoy yours.

Priscilla said...

Great news!! Keep up the good work!! ;)