Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dr. A gave me an A+

My appointment for the Fluid Ultrasound was this morning at 9:20.  I arrived at 9:15.  They took me back at 10:10 or so.  The nurse took me back to a room and told me to get undressed from the waste down, cover my girly bits with a piece of paper and that I could use the restroom first if I needed to.  I went to the restroom through this archway and on the other side of the restroom is like a mini ICU full of women and their spouses, a lot of rooms separated by curtains - I guess this is the recovery area?  Not sure but I guess I will find out soon enough.  I was waiting for the restroom and a lady behind the desk in the ICU looking room said "Are you Amber?"  I looked up and said yes and the lady introduced herself, it was my IVF coordinator Andrea.  I shook her hand and she told me that we should have a schedule review next week for the meds and maybe a meeting with Dr. A to go over the blood work results.   She was so nice and I could tell she was very sincere and excited for me.

I made it back to the room after using the restroom.  Got undressed from the waste down and just a couple of minutes later Dr. A and the nurse came back in.  He asked me about the weather and explained that this would feel somewhat like a papsmear.  He looked at my uterus.  Then he looked at my right ovary, said it looked good and had 15 follicles, then over to my left ovary which also had 15 follicles.  Said again that everything looks "darn good".  He gave me a helping hand up and told me I get an A+, then said we would talk hopefully sometime next week after my blood work results came back and figure out what to do from there. 

When I exited the room the nurse told me March would be here before I knew it!  That made me smile.  I left the office, called Jamie and got my blood work done, I think there were 10 viles of blood taken.  Jamie called me and said that his "MAN TESTING" was done.  That made me laugh. 

All in all, a pretty "Darn good" day.  I hope this sets the tone for the rest of the cycle.  I didn't know what to expect today as I have never done any of this before but I can say that it wasn't as scary as I feared it may be and the results were better than I feared they could be.

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