Monday, January 25, 2010

Last week in review (in pictures)...

I was feeling down today and started writing a depressing post and thought, you know what - I am going to focus on some good things that happened last week instead.  A lot happened last week and I wanted to recap a few things in pictures....

I got my IVF calendar.  I still have three weeks before anything starts.  This three week wait seems harder than any two week wait I have experienced. 

My wonderful husband had dinner and candles waiting for me when I got home that night...we do have a dining room table but I thought it was cute that he set the bar for dinner.  We had pasta with my favorite red sauce, he added zuchini, artichokes and tomatoes.  A nice salad as well.  He's a great cook.  For one of our first dates he cooked me stuffed shells with ricotta and spinach and I swore he bought it.  I still tease him about that.  Under my place setting was a card that said "Hang in there" on the front and it read on the inside "A - While I don't know where this journey will lead us I am glad I am on it with you.  J-"  He's so awesome.  Love that man :)

Friday I was supposed to go to acupuncture while Jamie had an endoscopy.  I rescheduled my acupuncture appointment for this Friday.  I just wanted to be there for him when he woke up like a good wifey should.  I walked into the recovery room and my eyes teared up seeing him hooked up to all the chords, iv's, etc.  It just made me feel lucky that he wasn't in the hospital for something major and only a minor procedure.  He woke up and started cracking jokes with in 10 seconds.  He had the nurse and I laughing, he thought he was perfectly fine to drive to work and carry on the day.  We both insisted he was out of his mind!    I snapped this pic of him in recovery.  I know how special he is, but this was one of those reminders that reinforces what someone means to you.   Isn't he so cute and innocent looking?  :)

And lastly, I would like to share a picture of my new prenatal vitamin.  I'm pretty sure Mr. Ed and myself are the only two that take pills this large.  The little white pill is my birth control pill. It's like swallowing a canoe.

 We had dinner with our friends Saturday night.  We had such a great time and they were kind enough to bring us a home warming gift.  I thought the gift was so thoughtful.  One part of the two part gift was a karma ring, we are supposed to make a wish and hang the ring.  The second part is a sage bundle.  We will light it and cleanse every room in the house with it.  The friend who gave these to us knows of our struggles with infertility and I just thought it was a clever gift!



Well... that's all folks!  Aren't iphone camera's great!?!

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