Wednesday, January 27, 2010



–adjective 1. easily irritated or annoyed; readily excited to impatience or anger.

2. Physiology, Biology. displaying irritability.

3. Pathology. susceptible to physical irritation.

4. Medicine/Medical. abnormally sensitive to a stimulus

My birth control should have come with the warning "Prepare to be annoyed".  I am an irritable biyotch and I will be the first to say it.  I have been on the pill for two weeks and I have have been a raging mad woman for two weeks too.  The person at the very top of my sh!t list is currently a girl in my office that has THE MOST ANNOYING AND LOUD FAKE / CACKLING LAUGH.   Now, this laugh didn't start two weeks ago.  It's been happening for a good three years.  I have been putting up with it until now.  I am trying to avoid a confrontation with this person however I foresee something being said in the near future.  I am proud that I have made it this far.  You see,  I work in a large space with very high open ceilings.  We all sit in cubicles and I think we should all be considerate of each other.  I sit three rows away from said annoying person and can hear parts of conversations and that damn laugh from pretty much anywhere.  Oh yes, and when she goes to the kitchen and laughs I can hear it from there too.  I work a 9 hour day and have started wearing headphones for all but 20 minutes of my day.  I CAN HEAR HER THROUGH MY HEADPHONES.  I have shhhh'd her on several occasions from my desk, I even wrote "SHHHH" on a post it and put it on her desk.  (I am really trying to be non-confrontational, right???)  Now I am at the point where I have to figure out, do I ask my manager to say something or do I say something or do I ride the wave, bite my tongue and say nothing?  Of course the chance with waiting is that I may blow like a volcano and just trot over to her desk and say something nasty.  I have had it with the cackling hen.  UGHHH!!!
Note:   Said laugher just laughed and sound like this:  Ahhhhhhhh Hahhhhhhhh Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh Hahhhhhhhhh Hahhhhh.  
And my poor dear husband.  He put his hand on mine in the middle of the night and I kept brushing him off of me mainly because I hate skin touching skin (I know, I know, I am weird) but really because I was hot and he was hotTER.  I finally said, "get off of me, I'm hot and you're hotter!"  He laughed it off which he normally does, thank goodness. 
So, these new pills not only make me irritable, they make me think sad thoughts and CRY!  WHAHHHHH!!!!  I have cried nearly every single day!  Things I have cried about in the last week:
  1. Episode of Intervention-a dad 83 years old dies after getting clean
  2. Episode of Dateline-medical insurance nightmares-two people die (cried 2 separate times)
  3. Husband getting dressed for hockey-then leaves
  4. Husband hooked up to machines in hospital-for routine procedure
  5. At work for thoughts of feeling like IVF will not work
It's terrible!  I'm not even to the big girl medicines yet and I am this way.  I can only wonder what they will do to me!  AHHH!  I'm scared!

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