Wednesday, August 11, 2010

15 weeks

15 seems so far to me but then I look at my trusty time ticker and realize 15 weeks is nada!

Feeling good.  Alot is the same.  Little appetite.  I still haven't tried one thing we had at the party (we had tons of leftovers).  I didn't eat dinner that night and I still haven't tasted anything other than the vegetable tray.  I weighed myself yesterday and I am one pound above where I weighed before I started my last IVF.  I'm not trying to keep weight off, it just doesn't pack on when you don't feel like eating much.  I am eating.  Today I had two kolaches for breakfast (love those), I had veggies and dip for a mid-morning snack but when a product rep. came in to give a presentation over lunch and provided lunch I lost my appetite again.  They should have to tell you before hand what you are having.  I had four salads to choose from...all with soft cheeses which I am not supposed to eat and all with sweet dressings that made me want to hurl.  I stood looking at the salads like, oh crap what do I do.  It was like choosing from something that looked disgusting, semi-disgusting and really disgusting.  I went back to my seat empty handed and then decided I better grab one and eat the accompanying roll and dessert.  That's what I did, ate the roll and dessert and trashed an entire salad. 

My love for Subway was short lived...I went back last week when nothing else sounded good and it lost it's appeal.  I can scratch that one off the list.  :( 

As far as the bump goes, my stomach itches a lot which is new.  I was also woken up by really terrible tightness in my left side the other night.  My stomach tightened and then relaxed and repeated that a few times.  I've noticed that I get up from my chair at work slower and the same goes for getting out of bed.  But all in all I feel pretty darn good and none of these symptoms will I ever complain about. 

I have a girls weekend this weekend!  I am flying to Chicago with my friend Denise and we will be picked up from the airport by two of our friends, Anna and Kristen and then we are off!  We're headed to New Buffalo, MI.  I've never been there but I am looking foward to spending time with my girlfriends.  I miss them so much.  I'm also looking forward to being the designated driver as the girls want to go to the wineries and casino's.  I don't think I will be joining them at the casino due to smoke but I am totally up for the wineries.  I am not a big drinker anyway so I may as well be the DD.  It doesn't bother me a bit...I'll just be sure to bring my camera!  Funny story, my friend Kristen was leaving a bar in college and fell on her face-BUSTING OUT ALL OF HER TOP FRONT TEETH!  I believe her parents were in town too.  I lived in Spain for 6 months with two of my girlfriends.  I love my girls.  I miss them since they live out of state as all of my friends do.  :)  Anyway, a full report on our trip next week!


Auntie K said...

I thought I was the only one with no appetite!! Nothing looks or sounds good. Ugh :-( Last appointment (13w2d) I was actually exactly the same weight pre-pregnancy. Like you I'm not trying to keep weight off, but it's hard to gain anything when you don't want to eat anything!!

P.S. - Are you finding out the sex?

The Wolf's said...

That's sad to hear about Subway. That's been my fast-food-go-to lately. Hopefully something else will take its place in sounding good to you!

One Who Understands said...

Yeah for 15 weeks! I hope your appetite returns soon. It isn't fun to not be able to eat anything.

Alex said...

Good luck at the appointment with the therapist. You are definitely doing the right thing by standing up for yourself and insisting that the appointment be about you, not her! Have fun on your girl's weekend!!!