Friday, August 20, 2010

16 week OB appointment and cloth diapers

Our appointment with Dr. B went well last night.  He has evening hours twice a week so J and I are both able to work a full day before going to our appointment.  I weighed in first and had lost three pounds since my last visit one month ago.  The nurse didn't seem worried and Dr. B didn't either.  I let them know I still wasn't eating much and Dr. B is thinking that maybe the fact I am sick is prolonging my aversion to most foods.  He said most women are getting over this feeling by now.  He thinks in a couple weeks or so I should be liking food again.  I was glad to see they weren't worried.  I could relax a little bit as I was feeling really guilty about that. 

The next item I wanted to discuss is how sick I have been for a week now.  Dr. B listened to my breathing and said I sounded tight and said he was glad I was going to my family Doctor for changes to my asthma medication.  I told him how many times I was taking my inhaler and he didn't fall on the floor so that's nice.  When I became pregnant and asked my regular Doctor about switching to a different inhaler they asked me how often I take my rescue inhaler currently.  I said once or twice a week which was standard for me.  They said I could stay on it since I was taking it so few times per week.  Dr. B said he thought it would be best to switch meds and try to get on a ten day system to clear my lungs up or an every day preventative oral medication.  Sounds good.  After a quick exam he said my cervix felt good and my uterus is growing nicely.  Then he got out the doppler and we heard stars heartbeat.  So clear and beautiful.  It's so reassuring to hear that heart beat.  We talked to Dr. B in his office afterwards and he was concerned about my blood type last time after looking at my blood work from my last appointment.  My blood came up RH- but after J and I told him I took an injection for that at my RE's office he was relieved.  I will have to take another injection at 7 months and then the baby and I may have to get one at birth.

The best news is that we get to find out if we are having a girl or a boy at our next visit!!!!!!  September 16 at 4:30 can't get here soon enough!  We are so excited and every time this was mentioned or even when 20 weeks was mentioned Jamie grinned from ear to ear.  I grinned at watching him grin.  The bummer is that since it's a diagnostic test there are no cameras or videos allowed.  :(  I hear it's a very long ultrasound as they are doing a full anatomy scan of the baby so I am looking forward to that and the fact that this will be my first external ultrasound. 

In other news Jamie and I have started researching cloth diapers.  My friend Julia (from college) has the most amazing blog and reviews everything from cloth diapers to breast pumps.  She uses the cloth diapers and did a great review of the different brands on her blog.  I think we have decided to go with the bumgenius 4.0 cloth diaper system but I need to do more research!  It grows with the baby from 7 pounds until they are potty trained.  It will be a big investment up front but will be a huge money saver in the end.  Cloth diapers have come a long way.  I will write more on this later.  We may go to a cloth diaper store this week to check them out in person and ask more questions.


Liz said...

I personally used Bumgenius All in Ones when I had my daughter. I tried the adjustable one but didn't like how bulky it was on her. I was glad that I had bought almost all AIO. :) I bought them all throughout my pregnancy so that it was easier on my pocketbook. Watch for deals/sales because they are definitely out there and make it a little cheaper! :O) I was very pleased with them but admittably used them only until she was a year and then switched to disposable because I went back school and a crazy new job. If I am lucky enough to get pregnant again I plan to use them again! :)

LCP said...

Although there are no cameras allowed, some offices allow you to buy a CD of pictures they take and sometimes they take a video for you. You may want to call in advance and see if you need to bring your own CD or if they charge you. My perinatologist used to charge $5 for a CD and you could keep bringing it back to add to it. These are the best in utero pics you can get!

christina said...

Yay! Another CD mama!! So excited to read your take on things!

Also, I had an IRL friend suggest Sun Baby diapers (on ebay) as a great place to increase your stash for not a lot of money. They are a FuzziBunz knockoff. We have purchased BG's (before 4.0 came out) as well as FB's and the Sun Baby dipes are just as nice as FuzziBunz. My friend said they aren't quite the same quality, but I think we got 10 for like $60. She just avoids using them at night because she has a heavy wetter, but she said they're perfect throughout the day, or if she is in a pinch at night, she just adds an extra liner.

Thought I would share my little secret. They are an upfront investment, but I have to say that everything I've researched is pointing to them being so incredibly worth it. Wishing you lots of luck!

Alex said...

So glad your appointment went well! Looking forward to hearing more about cloth diapers. Not sure about it for me, but would definitely like to hear more. Are you planning on bringing the baby to daycare? I've heard some daycares won't allow cloth...

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Happy ICLW week.

Whenever I get to be a mom, I will definitely look into cloth diapers!

Julia said...

yay for you wanting to do cloth, amber! Thanks for the shout out, too.

my biggest advice: is get a few different styles of cloth before you commit to a big stash of all one kind. every baby is different and although some mamas swear by BG others do not like them at all. Let me know if you have any questions at all and have fun at Cotton Babies (I'm assuming that is where you are going....LOVE that store and am jealous it's in STL only).

Also, although they say it fits a babe at 7#, almost all mamas will tell you to wait until 10# to be sure the thighs are chunky enough to prevent leaks. Just a little thought:)

Kellyanne said...

My husband and I decided we'll be doing cloth diapering aswell. There's so many different kinds that I am stumped! Let us know if you do go with bumgenius =)

Happy ICLW

Miss Ruby said...

Hope you get the news you so desire re the sex at the next scan.

#56 Miss Ruby

erika said...

Beautiful pictures!
Congrats on the pregnancy! your story is very inspiring, thank you for sharing.
Happy ICLW #127