Thursday, August 12, 2010


I woke up sick this morning.  I had sore glands on the sides of my throat and was very congested.  I drove half an hour to work and pulled into the parking garage where I got sick.  I didn't even go inside,  I got right back into my car and drove home.  I've gotten progressively worse today and I have my girls trip tomorrow.  My nose is running, my asthma is going crazy, I'm sneezing constantly, and my throat is hurting.  I called my OB and the nurse said to take Tylenol cold and to use lozenges and if I wasn't better tomorrow to call and they Dr. would call in a z-pack for me,  I know I will be calling but I do hate taking medication while pregnant, oh well, I hate being this sick too.   This sucks.  Jamie is already out of town so it's just been me and Wilson.  I have sneezed over 200 times today I would bet and I can tell even Wilson is annoyed with my sneezes.  I am annoyed with myself!   I've thought about not going on the trip but I really want to.


nge said...

A: I tried to reach you at work and home. Just want you to enjoy yourself and have a safe weekend!
Mimi (It's official now!!!)

Heather said...

I think you are right to find a new counselor. It so wrong that she took time to talk about her personal life or facebook. I can't believe how unprofessional that is! I can imagine it will be hard to find someone else and rehash your family situation, but if it helps you in the end, I'm sure it will be totally worth it. Do you know of anyone who can give you a good counselor referral?
Thanks for updating about your pregnancy and baby! It is so encouraging to me!!! Good luck with your pregnancy, you will be a wonderful mom!

Life Happens said...

What a pain that you have to find a new therapist and have to retell your whole story, but I think it will be worth it to find someone who is a professional and can really listen to you.

I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your girls weekend!

Alex said...

I'm so very sorry your counselor didn't work out - definitely it's the right decision to be done with her! I know it's a pain, but it will be worth it to find a good counselor - try again, my friend.

I hope you feel better very soon!!!

Melissa G said...

Ummm Yeah, you totally need to fire your counselor. She sounds terrible. And if you don't mind being honest, I would be open with her about why you're going to see someone else.

Hope you feel better soon!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

I am a counselor and this person has crossed so many boundaries, it's not even funny. I know it's not easy to start again, but this behavior is inappropriate. (As you picked up on!) Particularly the Facebook part. Ugh... I shudder what my supervisors would say.

Feel better soon.

Jem said...

Just catching up on your blog... wow. Talk about bad behavior. Both your mom and your counselor have no business calling themselves by those titles.

Your mother should be begging for your forgiveness for not protecting you and for not choosing her one child over her man.

Your therapist should have their license revoked! Going on FB? Are you kidding me? This is NOT about her. I think her supervisor, or someone of authority should be told about this. It's just WRONG!

I hope you do everything you can to protect yourself from these people.

I see that you are, tho. what a beautiful party you arranged for J's grandma. I just wish I could have given my own grandma such a gift.

Parents are supposed to want the best for their children. I know you will for yours!

All the best,