Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Video! Telling J's Grandmother and weekend update.

Click on this link to see J tell his Grandmother that we are expecting.  Her reaction is priceless!


Busy weekend!  Now that the party is over I had some time to get the house back in order.  Jamie and I spent a lot of time catching up on things we had put off around the house.  Oil changes, car cleaning, dismantling party decor, cleaning out possible nursery rooms, etc.  I have a certain room I would like to use if we have a girl and a different room I would like to use if we have a boy.  The girls room is larger because we have a trundle bed I would like to use in there eventually-that is if we ever have a girl. 

Saturday night we started looking at options for boy and girls nursery's on line.  We both like http://www.rhbabyandchild.com/ .  I always thought I would want a pottery barn nursery until Restoration Hardware came out with their nursery line.  LOVE IT!  I'm not into themes for babies as I don't really know what he/she is into and I want the babies room to look like it belongs in our home.  We won't be buying furniture from RH, just recreating this type of look.

We started wishing we knew if we were having a boy or a girl so we could move forward with either a boy or a girls nursery.  This got us talking about different tests that are talked about on the Internet for finding out the sex.  There's the gender prediction test you buy at Walgreen's for $35, but everyone I have seen take it has found out they are having the opposite sex from what the test revealed.  There's the Drano test where you mix Drano and urine to find out what the sex is and there's the needle on a string test where you see if the needle moves side to side or in a circle to get the answer.  We debated on the first two and tried the needle and string since we had this around the house but it hung there like a noodle. 

Sunday I woke up determined to start a project to ready the house for a baby and if it wasn't going to be decorating a nursery then I would organize!!!!!  I love organizing.  So I went to Target and got a lot of new bins and grabbed my trusty label maker and organized two bathrooms and two closets.  Boy, that felt good!  The kitchen may be next and then there's a wet bar behind bi-fold doors that I plan to make into a baby changing station so that we have a changing station on the first floor and the second floor.  There's currently a sink in there now but I think I would like to rip the sink out and replace the counter top to make one large changing counter complete with shelves installed above...oh I love this kind of stuff.  Home projects make my heart pitter patter.  :)

Friday I had an appointment with my primary physician and was given a breathing treatment and a few prescriptions.  They ordered a nebulizer to be delivered to my home which I received last night and I started taking symbicort which doesn't thrill me as it's a category C drug but it's important that I breathe so baby can breathe so I guess it's the lesser of evils.  I checked it out with my OB and it's fine for me to take these drugs.  My primary doctor also called in a prescription for more antibiotics and told me to fill it if I needed it but I am going to hold off on these.  I really hate putting so many things in my body right now.  I think my cold is   s l o w l y   going away so I don't want to take the antibiotics yet.

On another front...my appetite may be getting better.  I had bacon and eggs on Saturday morning and Saturday night I had a BLT!  I had it all prepared and was about to sit down to eat it when Jamie looked at it and said "I think you can do it."  It was beautiful and yummy.  I ate about 3/4's of it.  I'm also eating a lot of fruit and this extra sharp white cheddar cheese from Trader Joe's that I am in love with as well this weekend.  J likes the cheese too so we are out and I need to get more...I hope he never finds out what the price of that cheese is....sorry honey!

Still feeling like crap health wise but happier than ever and more excited than ever.  I feel so fortunate every single day no matter how sick I feel-it's such an honor to be pregnant and I am trying to enjoy it despite the way I feel.


Jill said...

That sandwich looks to die for! I just ate and that still looks good! :)

Hello again from ICLW #147...

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I clicked over to check out those nursery sets and I love them!! I just wish they had some different colours. (I'm having a rough time finding bedding that I like right now) I hope you feel better soon...


T said...

Oh that video just gave me chills! I love it! Oh, and on feb 2nd...I am in for chicken and salmon!!

Nick and Kristi said...

I love BLT's right now....mmmm that sandwich is calling my name:))))

Jem said...

that video made me cry! My work-mates must think I'm crazy!

That BLT looks yummy! Glad your appitite is doing better.