Thursday, August 19, 2010

16 weeks - Four Months!

How far along?  16 weeks!  (Whoa...)

Baby's size? An avacado!

Weight Gain? I'm hoping I will have gained a pound or two when I weigh at the Dr.'s office today.

Maternity clothes?   Oh boy.  I walked into a maternity store for the first time last week and I tell you I walked right back out!  One look around and I was like "What the...?"  I'm not ready to tie my tops in the back and look all matronly!  No thank you!  I just went out and bought XL tops that were loose fitting to buy myself some time before going back there.  Not to mention that they really charge out the a$$ at those maternity stores because they know they've gotcha!  I'm just not ready to spend that type of money to look so matronly!

Sleep? Ehh.  I'm sick right now so I wake up constantly choking and hacking my brains out.  Poor Jamie wakes up each time and pats my back or rubs my arm.  He asked me if I wanted some hot tea the other sweet but I don't think we have hot tea so I was a little confused as to where he would get the hot tea at 3 AM.  I think he offered lemon too...I don't think we have lemons.  He's so cute.  Ha ha!  Last night I woke up at 1:00 and 4:00 coughing and choking.  It's crazy.

Food?  Puh-lease.  No.

Best moment this week? Vacation with my girls in Michigan and finally having J to myself after a week!

Movement? Not yet.  I have felt a few flutters, the first flutters came the morning of the party we threw but I don't think it's the baby.

Symptoms?  You know, besides not eating, the only other symptoms are acid reflux, laziness and irritability.  I have been snippy for the last few weeks.  Not at all towards Jamie but towards inanimate objects.  I did take out frustration on a drawer a couple weeks ago.  I couldn't get it back in to the rubbermade holder it belonged in with other drawers after a few attempts when I just threw the drawer down and yelled something.  Jamie asked "What's your problem?" from the other room and then he must have thought better about it because he said "Forget I asked that!"  Ha ha!  I don't know what it is but my patience is so thin.

Gender?   This week I am thinking it's a girl but as always expecting a boy.  I really always wanted a sister growing up and I would love a little girl but I know boys better than girls I must admit.  Jamie is convinced it's a girl because of the way I am eating.  I guess I kind of hope it's a girl as well because I know if we have a girl Jamie will want to try again for a boy, but if we have a boy he will be more hesitant to try again.  Whatever the case we will be thrilled! 

What I miss? Feeling well.  Ready to get over this cold. 

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the sex of the baby and today's appointment with our OB.

Weekly Wisdom: Make sure you take off the plane what you brought on the plane.

Milestones: Jamie bought our star it's very first onezie!  He was at a Phish concert this weekend and texted me to tell me he bought star a gift.  Now, to most people this wouldn't be a big deal but my husband LOVES Phish and they have a song called Run like an Antelope.  Here you go!  The back has the Phish logo.

What I love: Reminders that I am pregnant though I don't feel I have hard evidence yet.  Getting off the sofa and sitting up from a lay down position is harder now because it feels like I have a water balloon in my belly.  I love telling people I am pregnant too.  I did it for the first time yesterday at work while having a conversation with a co-worker.  I couldn't believe I said it, it felt funny.  Especially after running into an old friend from high school on the plane and having her tell me she was due in March.  DUH!  You would think I would have said something with my baby due a month ahead of hers but I didn't.  It's so strange...I still feel like an imposter.  Maybe I'm breaking out of it.  I feel like I won't believe it myself until I have an obvious bump.

Emotions:   Just pissy.  That's so bad but it's true.


DH said...

what a cool husband and a nice outfit for the baby. Wish I had one

Jill said...

I love phish! So cute!

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