Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cold = Dizzies / Brother is sick / New IF neighbors!!!!

The nurse called me this morning and reported that my blood work was fine.  She really thinks the dizziness is due to my cold.  She asked what I have been taking and I told her Tylenol cold.  She suggested I switch to sudafed.  I went to Wags at lunch and got a box.  Let's hope this works.  The dizziness is coming more frequently and sticking around longer.  I am back to getting dizzy when I close my eyes which makes sleeping hard. 

On another brother called me from the hospital today.  He has meningitis.  They just did a spinal tap on him and he has a lot of pressure in his head.  Please put him in your thoughts.  I am worried about him.  I can't go visit him and feel helpless.  I promised him I would make him tortilla soup when he gets home but I won't even be able to deliver it.  Poor thing.  No word on how his wife or baby are.  I hear it's highly contagious so I am thinking of them as well.  They won't know until Saturday if it's life threatening or not. 
I have a first!  I walked down the to snack shoppe in our building with a couple of girls from my department and was just standing around while they selected their purchases when Donna the lady that works the counter in the snack shoppe asked me if I was expecting!!!!  I was so caught off guard!  I thought, "she must be referring to a package of some sort or have me mistaken for someone else"  I grabbed my stomach and said "um, yes."  She was so excited and asked when I was due.  We all started talking about February babies.  It was neat!  I told the two girls I was with once we left that I couldn't believe she asked me that and they both said I definitely have a round belly.  How about that!  Donna did mention that her son was born in February and that her shower was on Superbowl Sunday which I thought was cool!  I always imagined having a shower with men and women present.  She had a shower like that and the guys watched the superbowl in one room while the girls were in the other and they mingled off and on!  How funny is that! 

We have new neighbors!  Our former neighbor had mentioned that the new couple was pregnant with twins and that they had a hard time getting pregnant.  He had no idea we were in the midst of an IVF cycle when he told us this news.  So the old neighbor moved out and the new neighbors moved in and the husband is really nice.  The wife has been on bed rest at a nearby hospital.  They are due in September and she may get to come home tomorrow if all goes well.  They used clomid and a couple/few rounds of IUI.  We shared our IVF story with him so that's cool.  So neat to have neighbors that are due just a few months before us!

I've been looking at nursery stuff a lot lately.  I want to have a general idea for a boy's room and a girl's room so when we find out the sex we can start doing the fun stuff.  I found a crib I like for a girl on Craigslist.  There are a few of the same style ranging from $40 to $125 so I think we are good there!  Just have to figure out a boys room.  I will post pictures soon!


T said...

Wow, so sorry to hear about your brother! I hope he feels better soon!

Oh man, I have dreamt of someone asking if I were pregnant. That is so awesome! I bet you were beaming from ear to ear!

Tina said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

Happy ICLW!

theworms said...


Sorry about the dizziness and I hope your brother fully recovers very quickly.


Christia said...

Donna the snack shop lady has some sort of ESP or something because she did the same thing to me! And she remembered that I moved to Dallas, etc. Not sure how she knows all this... hmmm.