Monday, August 30, 2010

Nursery ideas for a boy.

I always thought that planning a girls nursery would be far easier than planning a boys.  Of course we don't know what we are having yet and won't for a couple more weeks but for some reason I have a boys nursery all thought out and I have zero ideas for  girls nursery.  Jamie is 100% sure it's a girl so I may be wasting time here but I thought I would share my ideas so far for a boy's room.

I was inspired by this picture:

LOOOVVVE IT|!   I love the orange and aqua and want to add a splash of brown for contrast.  Being that we have a dog and are dog people a dog pillow sounds perfect.  This room was pricey but as I do with everything I plan to bargain shop and use the heck out of Craigslist.  This way I can splurge on some other things.

Here are some other pictures of the bedding in the picture above... 

So clean and bright.  Okay, so there are animals on this crib set and it's expensive.  It comes from Serena and Lily .   I love the colors and the box style bumper but I am not in love with the animals.  I love the idea of adding the dog pillow though and I could be talked into having a light animal theme that isn't screaming ANIMALS!  I'd prefer to have no theme at all but I realize a child will be living in here and there needs to be some attraction to a kiddo. 

Have you been to  ETSY?  It's kind of like ebay but you don't bid and it's all handmade items.  LOVE IT!  I found a person on there to make custom bedding with the patterns below for one hundred bucks less than the set above and with no animals.  I could choose multiple patterns for the bumper and skirt and one for the sheet set.  I don't care for the bikes, birds or circles so much but I love the sunbursts, the stripes, than center pattern and the dots.  These are the same colors in the inspiration picture above so I feel it would be a great alternative to the expensive set. 

So after saying all of this...I could go with animals or no animals.  Honestly, I think I would lean towards the animals even as dead set against themes as I am...I think they are cute and understated and give me a reason to put Wilson's picture on a pillow.  :)  Curtains would be cute with this set as well.   So that's what I like for a boy's room so far.  It doesn't see like much but I have SCOURED the Internet and this is it folks-this is all I like!
Stay tuned for girl options, so far every thing I see looks like the color pink puked it's guts out on a nursery.  It could be a while before I have plans for this one.  I've scoured the Internet for this too but don't have a clear thought.  Perhaps I will put some of the random ideas I have found out there and see what you think.

Here's one picture I like but I am just not sure about green in a girls room...

Oh yeah, also...our friends gave us a TON of baby stuff last night.  We have a car seat, a bath tub, a bassinet, a changing pad, about 40 avent bottles and a crap load of toys!  Next weekend I am organizing our basement so I can put it all in one area until we use it all.  Very exciting!  Our dining room looks like a kiddie store


Alex said...

So cute! Love the dog pillow - what a great idea!

And also, thank you so very much for your comment on my blog. You're so nice! Yes, I know we found out we were pregnant at the same time, and by reading your blog, I always know where I would have been by now. But you give me hope. Hope that someday it will be my turn. I know a lot of people walk away from pregnancy blogs, but I can't. I'm truly interested in what happens to you. I'm so very excited for your baby to come. And I'm very honored to have you as my friend, and you're right, I don't walk away from my friends.

Thanks for being my friend!

T said...

UUUHHHH Yeah! Loving it all! Your baby is going to have the most b-e-a-utiful room!

Heather said...

I really like your nursery ideas! The more I look at the girl's room, the more I like it! I can't wait for you to post what you are having!

Nick and Kristi said...

What a nice made out:) I love the boy bedding....for some reason it was way easier for me to find boy bedding too...which I was surprised because it is so much easier to find cute girl clothes:) I do like the pink and green it is differnt than anything I have seen but very nice:) Not to much pink but still girly....I like your decorating style:)