Friday, September 10, 2010

Date night with J

I have an amazing husband.  He rocks.  He's my bestie.  He's sensitive, so funny and very intelligent.  I was thinking about him a few days ago and decided to take him out for a nice dinner just to do something specifically for him and show him how much I love him.  I wanted to go somewhere special and somewhere we had never been to.  I researched and chose a quiet, dimly lit, quaint little restaurant that had great reviews and let him know I was taking him out.  I sent him a meeting request on outlook so he would have a date and time reminder.  I sent him an email as well telling him I was taking him out to which he replied with the names of two restaurants we've never been to that we currently have "groupons" for.  I told him I didn't want to use a "groupon", I was selecting the location myself! 

He likes to have control over where we go for dinner...he's a food snob and there's nothing wrong with that but being married to a food snob means relinquishing all food control!  Rarely do I get to pick a restaurant!  Don't get me wrong, he always asks where I want to go for dinner but he usually nixes my ideas and decides for us or gives me options...which is fine by me.  So I am taking care of dinner tonight and he's nervous not knowing where we're going.  He won't know until we get there, I'm just going to give him the directions before leaving our house and he'll find out when we get there.   I know that whether I told him now or within 5 minutes of leaving he would make a B-line for the computer and look up every review of this restaurant.  I just want him to relax and show up to a restaurant I researched for him.  Besides, I know that once we do get there he will look it up on his phone anyway...that's my food critic hubby.  I would post where I was going on this blog but he's an avid reader of my blog so I know I would be busted!  More Monday.

Looking forward to spending a wonderful evening with him and a great weekend.  We're hitting a 17-family garage sale tomorrow morning in the Central West End.  Hoping to find some great baby bargains!


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Ooo, can't wait to find out where you took him and how you and he liked it!