Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some things are changing around our house...

Every weekend there are new projects.  Projects preparing us for the arrival of our little star.  Our star who we both refer to as "star" by the way.  I love that.  Each project I plan in preparation of his or her arrival and each project is a project that doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl...it just needs to get done.  My hope has been that by getting all of these projects out of the way that we will have time to focus squarely on the nursery once we find out if we are expecting a boy or a girl in 10 days!  This weekend I unpacked and organized the basement making room for all of the toys our dear friends gave us.  I made a trash pile, a garage sale pile, a Christmas decor pile and left a large area for kids stuff which we started filling. 

Jamie worked on drainage outside in the yard.  We installed shelving in the laundry room to provide more storage.  I'd still like to install more hanging as I can barely reach the hanging space over our washer and dryer with my growing tummy.  We cleaned the garage out and we even got our first floor changing station underway!  Revamping a wet bar into a changing station/storage closet has been my vision since we bought this house.  After buying our home less than a year ago I had closet doors put on the wet bar area and Friday night my brother helped me take out the wet bar sink and cap off the plumbing.  After a few attempts at a solution to cover the sink hole, Jamie and I finished the changing area minus a few shelves which I hope to install next week.  Here are some photos.  It cost us about $75 to convert this bar into an area that will be well used for years...first as a changing area and then as storage for toys and games.

Doors closed

Doors open with new top installed and changing pad.  Shelving above will be the finishing touch to complete our changing area.  There is even a light in the closet and two outlets, perfect for the wipe warmer.  (I like wipe warmers for little tushies)  I'm debating on painting the wood.  I hate that wood color.  I much prefer white or espresso.  Probably espresso here but it is in a closet after all.

Peel and stick tile laid on diagonal made this project cheap and fast.  Changing pad put in place.

This weekend we also watched my niece for four hours or so.  She's 13 months old and boy did she drain me!  She just learned to walk and I followed her everywhere.  Thank goodness we had a ton of age appropriate toys for her to play with thanks to our friends.  The weather was so nice I put a blanket out on the grass in our back yard and brought some toys out and we enjoyed the weather together.  Inside we took over the office with more toys which was nice because we were able to shut the french doors and coral her in there since she is attracted to stairs like a magnet! 

Last night I was going upstairs when Jamie asked me to come into the office (his office- his personal space complete with a big screen TV, desk/computer, leather anti-gravity chair and art work from the many concerts and ball games he has been to.  He used to have a basement with all of these items but after moving and starting IVF we didn't want to spend money finishing our new basement so this room is his man room).  We had discussed a couple of times how this room would be a great play room eventually and it served that purpose well while my niece was there.  I went into the office and he told me he was putting his chair on craigslist to make room for baby furniture or toys.  This was so incredibly sweet of him but it made me sad.  I have always been proud that Jamie has had his own place to get away and watch sports or take business calls, etc.  As much as I look forward to this baby, J selling that chair breaks my heart.  I want him to still have his special place.  Even after the nursery is chosen we will have two extra bedrooms and the unfinished basement.  I don't think we will need his current office as a play room for sometime but hopefully one of these other areas will serve as a backup location for him. 

Things are definitely changing.  We've been together 9 years and it's strange and exciting at the same time to see the transformations taking place in our home.  19 weeks tomorrow.  A lot of progress with food!  More later!

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T said...

That looks great! I bet it is exciting to make these kinds of changes to finally welcome your baby home!