Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love this girls crib bedding

About 7 years ago I purchased this little girls bedroom set at a thrift store for $125 dollars.  It had five pieces.  A headboard, a 9 drawer dresser, two nightstands and a beautifully shaped mirror.  The set below is an image of someone else's set but ours is the same style.  I am still so proud of that deal.  I didn't have a car big enough to get it home so I stood in the thrift store and guarded it until someone I paid could come get it.  While standing there guarding my purchase many people came up and were bitter towards me for buying what they felt belonged to them.  I guess they felt entitled to it since they were low income, I'm not sure.  When I found this set there wasn't a single person standing by it.  Anyway, I got it home and painted it black and then painted it white on top of the black and distressed it with a sander.  It's shabby chic and I love it.  It's been in our guest room for a long time and if we have a girl I hope to use the set for a girls room.  Our set is bright white with distressing, it's darling. 

Our last house was decorated very shabby chic.  The house lent itself to that style being a queen anne style home but in our current home we have a more simplified Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware look for the most part but there is still a place in my heart for all things shabby.  I love furniture that looks like it's been lived in and worn.  The little girl's bedroom set I bought that day is something straight from my heart....beautifully shabby.

Here is what it looked like before I refinished it...this is someone elsees set from the internet but you get the idea.  Great shape, great bones.

I searched the internet for the perfect bedding set to go with the drexel bedroom set I found.  I have searched for weeks.  I finally found it here.  It's girly and soft.  It's fresh.  The inside of the bumper is chenille.  I zoomed in on one picture so the chenille can be seen (bottom picture).    What's great is that it's custom, so we could mix up the fabrics  and choose a different bumper fabric or sheet fabric...but honestly I love it just how it's shown.  I adore it.  If we find out we're having a girl, it will be the first purchase I make.

It's perfect.  And if we can get the the crib and changing table for about $100 dollars which I hope to...this set isn't out of our budget. 

Here's the crib I want...there are many on craigslist just waiting to be gobbled up.  I saw this crib and changing table for $50 together yesterday.  Some of them were recently recalled which they sell repair kits for.  Older models are okay though.  The style goes perfect with the girls bedroom set we have.

So sweet. 

I also have the perfect chandelier which we salvaged from our home remodel.  It was in the foyer.  It's shabby, presently gold in color and I think I would paint it white and distress it also.  It's been sitting in the nursery closet for almost a year waiting for a new home.  I'm thinking the walls of the nursery would be a muted taupe.  I can visualize the room, it would be perfect and airy.  The only other thing we would need is the upholstered rocking chair with ottoman and we'd be set!


T said...

Oh I cannot wait to see the room put all together! It is going to look so awesome!!

Julia said...

we have that crib, straight from craigslist and I love it. It WAS one of the recalled models and is pretty old (10 yrs maybe?) but we got the kit for free from the company and it's not a big deal at all. I love it. Jenny Lind style, right?

So cute!!