Monday, March 29, 2010

AF, IVF #2

Drum roll please...
Aunt Flo showed up this weekend!  I was at Marshall's doing some bargain shopping when I went to the restroom and actually said out loud "oh goody, oh goody" and clapped my hands when I noticed her arrival!  Yes, two other ladies were in the bathroom, I just couldn't help it!  I really was excited!  I washed my hands, and speed walked over to the men's section where I called out J's name from about 20 feet away!  I ran up to him and told him and we laughed at how silly it was that I was so excited but I think it put pep in our step as we could leave the first cycle behind us and focus on a new cycle, a new Dr., a new start.

So I called our new Doctor, Dr. O and left a message for his secretary telling her the news.  She called back promptly.  We scheduled my trial embryo transfer, and she told me another nurse would be calling with further details regarding my cycle.  In the mean time I called ARC and got the financial side working.  We signed up for a one fresh - one frozen cycle, non refundable.  It's so hard to sign up in advance and decide if we're going to need 2 or 3 cycles and commit that kind of money, knowing full well that we could lose it all if we get pregnant the first cycle.  UGH!  I really wish you could use the remaining cycles if you wanted a second child or something then I wouldn't mind fronting that kind of cash but to gamble with it is so difficult.  The nurse did call me back and went over dates with me. I am excited once again,  I have something to look forward to!  A goal to work for.  The last couple of weeks have been so difficult and hopeless. 

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