Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stimulating...or should I say StimuWAITING?

So, I started taking the follistim a couple nights ago.  The injections haven't been bad at all.  The use of the pen is the freaky part at first but not bad at all. 

Here is the lovely contraption:

See the right end?  It spins so that J can dial up my dosage which we can see in the little window there.  Then he inserts the needle and pushes the end inward and voila I'm a stimulating fool!  Or so I think.

Our coordinator called the follistim liquid gold so you can imagine our panic when we loaded the cartridge in the pen and attempted to close it and the cartridge shot across the kitchen counter - thanks to the spring in the pen!  Not good seeing your liquid gold hit the floor! 

So I was sitting here thinking how easy the injections were and how I really haven't felt any concrete symptoms and then I started wondering-"What if we did it wrong?"  "What if we dialed it up and pushed the end thinking we were giving me an injection and nothing came out of the needle?  WELL, THAT WOULD SUCK!  So, what I am feeling is BLOAT.  I am drinking a ton of water though.  It's 2:56 and I have had 60 ounces of water today (update: I'm now at 88 ounces for today @ 4:11 PM) already and thus over 10 bathroom visits at work.  Not fun when you don't sit near a restroom.  Speaking of which, I need to go again. 

Onto other important matters...I wore sweat pants to work today with a work top.  Yes, I did.  Stop gasping.  The sweat pants don't look like sweat pants until you look closely.  They have no elastic at the bottom and a draw string top with a straight leg and are dark gray.  Tomorrow I will wear my black pair.  I wore regular trousers yesterday and kept unbuttoning them at my desk as I found them to be restricting while sitting at my computer 9 hours and drinking a gallon of water.  I hated the feeling of feeling my pants tight so I nipped that in the bud and am going to dress for comfort at work for the next couple of weeks.  I don't like the thought of squishing my stomach right now.  I constantly have to pee for one so I don't want restriction but secondly I want those follies to have room to grow, flourish and be free!  

Acupuncture again tomorrow.  (hopefully, my acupuncturist is 9 months preggers)  Luveris starts Saturday.  That will be 3 injections per day.  Oh the joy. 


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