Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey Hey Hey

I'm not one that is big into music, I like it but I prefer talk radio mostly because it holds my interest.  J and I went with a couple of friends to the John Mayer concert Saturday night.  He is one of my favorite artists.  Michael Franti (a reggae artist) was opening for him.  I couldn't have told you a song that Michael Franti sings before walking into the concert but I can tell you I am a HUGE fan of his now.  I just downloaded his latest album.  Saturday night during one of Michael Franti's first songs, it occured to me that my embryo transfer would have been that day.  I got sad and sometimes when your sad, music speaks to you.  Michael Franti walked through the audience and stood among the crowd with a wireless mike and asked a packed venue "Who had a rough week this week?"  I raised my hand slightly and thought "Um, me."  He explained that the next song was for anyone going through a rough time...and I lost it.  I concealed my tears but God this song spoke to me.  I pasted some of the lyrics below that were particularly meaningful to me.  Apparently it's a new song and will be on his new record.  You can learn more about him and this song "Hey, Hey, Hey"  here.

John Mayer came on stage.  I was fine and had recovered until he sang "Daughters".  You know that song, "Fathers be good to your Daughters..."  I lost it...again.  I'm not speaking to either of my parents going on six months now.  It's been difficult considering all I have been through with infertility in that time span.  The more he sang of Mothers and Fathers and Daughters the sadder I became realizing the only family I currently have is my brother.  My MIL (Mother in Law) has been fantastic through the last few months and in some weird way I miss my own Mother less because my MIL has filled my own Mothers shoes and then some.  I will dedicate an entire post to my MIL later this week. 

HEY HEY HEY (No Matter How Life Is Today)

By Michael Franti

"I just wrap my arms around
Don’t give up this song is for you"

"Hey, hey, hey, no matter how life is today
There’s just one thing that I got to say
I won’t let another moment slip away"
"I hold on, I’m trying to hold on,
I hold on, hold on, hold on, I hold on"

"There’s a crack in the gutter where a flower grows
Reminding me that everything is possible
Yeah reminding me that nothing is impossible
You gotta live for the one that you love you know
You gotta love for the life that you live you know"
"Until the morning comes again, I will remain with you my friend
And we will ride until the sun, goes to the place where it begun
and we will live to laugh and cry another day"

"Don’t let nobody ever tell you that it couldn’t be done
Don’t let nobody ever tell you that we couldn’t be one
Don’t let nobody ever tell you that it shouldn’t be sung
Don’t let nobody ever tell you you’re the only one"

"Woah oh oh oh, I hold on
Woah oh oh oh, I hold on
Woah oh oh oh, I’m just trying to hold on
Woah oh oh oh, trying to hold on
Woah oh oh oh, trying to hold on"

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