Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Dr. appt

J and I met with Dr. W yesterday for a second opinion after our canceled cycle.  Let me just say how confused I was to walk into the waiting room and see Senior Citizen after Senior Citizen exiting the office.  J and I turned to each other and were like "Um, am I missing something?"  All of the other offices we have ever been to have been straight up infertility offices, this was an OB GYN office that did infertility on the side.  I didn't like this from the get go.  I filled out the forms and the lady at the desk said "______ will be right out to take your urine specimen"  I was REALLY confused.  How is a urine specimen part of our consultation?  J and I were like, "WTF"?  So when the lady called me, J was like "Ma'am, I just have to ask, what is the urine specimen for?"  She said "We do it with every patient, a urine analysis, breast exam and  pelvic exam"  I started shaking my head no and J said "We're just here for a consult, we don't want anything more."  So she went back and talked to the Dr. and brought us back to his office.  My first reaction when we walked back into his office and saw him sitting behind the desk... to turn right back around and walk out.  Just being honest.  The man didn't look like he could tie his shoe let alone make a baby!  He was in no way the picture of health and he later mentioned he is retiring in August! 

Okay, so he hadn't seen any of my previous records.  There seemed to be a communication barrier too because he asked if we had kids.  Oh yes he did.  I nudged J.  Next...literally, I'm not kidding you within one minute of us sitting down he told us I had low ovarian reserve and would need donor eggs.  He had no chart, nothing, just my E2 from our canceled cycle and told us this.  He started asking questions about the dosages I was on for my last cycle so I gave him my calendar with the dosages.  He glimpsed at it, handed it back and asked me more questions about dosages-WHICH WERE ON THE CALENDAR HE JUST HANDED BACK TO ME.  Anyway, he went on to basically tell us a lot of information that was completely opposite from what Dr. O had told us, which made my heart start racing.  Dr. O said he would up the lupron to 20 while Dr. W insisted that we shouldn't use Lupron.  There were other differences too.  Dr. O thought PCOS was the culprit while Dr. W said this had nothing to do with PCOS.  I hate this...two Doctors telling us two different things.  Dr. W then tells us that if we want to proceed with him we have to act fast since he is retiring.  Then, and I have never seen a Doctor do this before, he turns his computer monitor so we can view it and shows us how his clinic is 10th in the nation for women under 35 (using SART).  I felt like he was doing a hard sell for some extra cash before retirement.  J and I noticed in the waiting room looking at his business card that he's not an RE.  I didn't like this after our last non-RE doctor and when J brought it up the Dr. basically said the RE certification came out after he was out of med school. 

All in all, I left feeling confused.  Two Docs telling us two different things, we only have a couple weeks to make a decision.   I understood where both Dr's were coming from in their suggested meds for our next cycle but which to choose.  But the one thing they did agree on that I keeps going through my head is "They both think that Dr. A dropped the dosages of Follistim way to low and cranked them up after he saw my follicles weren't responding." My gut tells me this is the case, maybe I hope it is. 

Dr. W gave me the creeps and I want to use Dr. O.  I put in a request for Dr. O to call us today so we can run the differences in the two Dr.'s conversations past him and get his feedback.  I later looked up reviews on Dr. W and they were TERRIBLE.  1.8 out of 5 on one website and one girl said "I had the creepiest exam I have ever experienced",  "BEWARE"  another reviewer said.  I just know we aren't going to use him, there's no way.  But I do want to run his thoughts by Dr. O.

In the meantime, I have stopped my bcp's and am waiting on AF to show.

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