Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grow Follies Grow

I am a little very confused about my ultrasound this morning but first I must share something that J did last night that made my heart melt.  A couple weeks ago I laid in bed and rubbed my stomach and started singing to my follies.  The next night I asked J to sing to them.  I taught him the words..they are very complicated.  "Grow follies grow, grow follies grow, grow follies grow, grow grow grow."  Sure to make it platinum on the follie lullaby charts, I'm sure.  So anyway, every night one or both of us sings this little lullaby to our follies while I expose my stomach (so they can hear of course).  I texted J with news that one of the girls I had met in my cycle informed us that her cycle had been canceled a second time.  My heart goes out to her.  What an amazing girl she is.  It's unfair that this is happening to her and she is in my thoughts.  The text I received back from J was "Grow follies grow, grow follies grow, grow follies grow, grow grow grow."  What a sweet man.

Onto my ultrasound.  I was really hoping our lullabies had worked and hoped to see that the follies had grown but they were all still between 12-14 mm with one 15mm.  Really no change since Monday.  Dr. A upped my follistim to 375 tonight and 300 tomorrow night (I had been taking 150 the last two nights) and added a vial of luveris to tonight's protocol.  He has pushed our retrieval back to Sunday now which seems so late to me. 

Here are the notes from today's appointment:
"lining looks awesome"
R ovary-14,12,13,14,12,13,11,12
L ovary - "A little more action on this side" 12,13,13,13,12,11,14,13,13,13,15
"trigger should be friday with retrieval sunday."
"we're going to crank it up a notch and get it going" (upped follistim, added luveris)
"check one last time to see how things look Friday".

Then the nurse called to say that my E2 level was 113.  I don't know much about E2's, apparently this is low and should be roughly 200 per follicle which there were approximately 19 of.  Dr.  A is hoping this is a fluke, so am I.  Tomorrow morning I have to go get my blood drawn again.  I am anxious for the results.

For the time being, I am hoping that my high protein diet and water guzzling is yielding at least healthy juicy eggs even though they are lagging a bit.  I am way behind on my water consumption for today.  I've only had 30 ounces and it's 3:15!  Eek!  I'm just going to sit at home tonight and drink water and give myself injections.  Let the good times roll!  Perhaps I will pour my water in a wine glass and remember what good times used to be about...

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