Tuesday, March 9, 2010

H2O Rock Star

Just for documentation purposes-
I listened to the audio of yesterday's ultrasound appointment and recorded the following information:

"Lining looks awesome"

Right ovary-
More that are smaller.

Left ovary-
"nine or so in a reasonable size range, ranging from 12-14 mm"

Want follicles to be between 16-22mm for retrieval.

Looks like a Saturday retrieval.

Next ultrasound and blood draw Wed morning - 3/10.

I'm trying to make some juicy follies and avoid OHSS.  I'm drinking a ton of water and watching sodium.  We shall see if it works.

Today's water consumption:  108 ounces at 3:45pm.  20 more ounces to go until I reach ONE GALLON of water for today!  4:00 - I drank ONE GALLON OF WATER TODAY!!!!!!!    I'm a H2O rock star!  Holla!

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