Wednesday, February 17, 2010

IVF #1 - Day 1

Okay!  So last night when I got home the remainder of my big girl meds arrived!  It looks like enough for a horse, I can't believe all of this will be put in me. 

But!  Before we could get started we had some business to take care of!  Remember about a month ago I posted about our friends giving us a bundle of sage and a karma ring for our homewarming gift?  Well, last night we set the sage on fire and cleansed ourselves and Wilson and then we cleansed the house.  We wouldn't normally do something like this but we figured with IVF #1 coming up why not?  We can take whatever help we can get.  So we cleansed everything and then we both made a wish on the karma ring and hung it in the room we hope will be a nursery one day.  (Currently Wilson's boom boom room, or loveshack or as J likes to call it....Wilson's masterbatoreum!  Our dog has two huge LL Bean Beds and he likes to hump them and then suck on them for half an hour at a time so we figured we would just give him his own private room for making whoopie-I kid you not-the only thing in this room is two LL Bean dog beds and our karma ring!)  I will post a pic of the boom-boom room at a later date!

So, on to the good stuff. After going to bed early last night with J. I set the alarm for 5:30 this morning so I could shower, etc and eat breakfast before J would give me my injection. I got all of this done before he woke up so I went ahead and gave myself the shot. It wasn't bad at all but I know these aren't the bad ones. The lupron burned under my skin and my skin was a little irritated for a half hour or so after but all in all not bad! I did it! Here is the lupron. Okay, I think that's about all the updates I will have until after our weekend trip to Chicago. I am anticipating our first ultrasound next Thursday! Have a great weekend everyone!

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