Thursday, February 11, 2010

We're next! We're next!

So, I didn't think I had anything to post today and then I read our discussion boards from our RE's office and one of the girls in my cycle mentioned that the February cyclers are up so the March cyclers are next!  We're next!  OMG!  Our first REAL chance at a baby!  I am all excited.  I feel like our turn in the spot light is coming!  Oh,  and speaking of our discussion boards at SIRM, the girls in the March cycle may be meeting up!  I am very excited to meet everyone.  I hope it works out!

One thing that I am not so crazy about is the fact that my husband called the RE's office this morning and found out our coordinator Andrea is no longer working there.  So, we are coordinatorless for now!  Not to worry, I know everyone at SIRM is a gem!  I just hope someone contacts us soon and introduces themself so I know who to hound with questions!

I am finally feeling normal after starting birth control pills over a month ago.  Maybe it's the start of meds and finally feeling like we are getting somewhere but I am positive and excited.  I am going to stop reasearching on line however.  Everytime I research I find new discouraging information which makes me feel yucky inside.  Boo! 

Meds arrive tomorrow! 

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