Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My first Acupuncture Appointment

Last Friday I had my first acupuncture appointment.  I was nervous but excited.  I walked in and was shocked to see a baby, ironic considering what I was there for.  An odd place to see a baby.  Christine, the acupuncturist (is that a word?) walked out and was probably 6 or 7 months preggo herself.  I was shocked.  She was very nice.  She had me fill out a form with medical history questions.  She then took me back to a room and asked me more questions based on the form and then asked me to take off my shoes and socks and lay on the table.   No problem there.  She then showed me the needles explaining that they don't hurt and proved that by sticking one in her wrist.  The needles looked small enough however so I was comfortable and felt like I was in good hands. 

Needles were placed in my right wrist and my lower legs/feet.  This took about 3 or 4 minutes and then Christine said "okay, now I am going to leave you alone for a while and you get to take a nap".  Well, I knew a nap would never happen as I fidget too much and can only sleep laying on my stomach in a bed...I can't sleep in a car, on a plane and could never sleep in school.  I only sleep in beds.  So she shut the door and to be honest the first thing I wanted to do was get up off the table and tip toe to my purse across the room and grab my iphone to take pictures as I am so into taking pictures and documenting my journey to IVF but I told myself no and there I laid.  I tried to relax but I had itches on my ankles.  I tried laying there and hoping they would go away but no such luck so I lifted my left leg and reached to scratch my ankle.  My dry skin left a lot of evidence.  Then I lifted my right foot and scratched that ankle.  I put my leg back down and scratched a few more itches, head, arms, etc.  So I am laying there and I hear a delivery truck right outside the window.  (Note:  Picture above is the actual room I was in)  The truck was loud and I looked back to make sure I couldn't be seen and yup, the window is open.  So the driver get's out and I can then hear him start taking the ramp out in the back of the truck, opening the doors and walking back and forth to deliver his boxes.  All while I am laying right there with needles everywhere.  So, I was finally able to forget about that dude once I started itching again.  I forgot I had needles in my wrist and scratched the other arm with the needle wrist.  I put my hand back down once I remembered and when I looked down at my wrist my needles were laying on their sides, no longer standing up in my skin.  I thought, "uh oh, I'm gonna get in trouble"  totally flashing back to my childhood when I would get in trouble for touching something I wasn't supposed to and the evidence was glaring!  So I used my left hand to try and stand the needles back up all while noting where Christine was as I could hear her voice and footsteps going back and forth on the other side of my door.  I thought I got the needles standing up pretty good again and laid my wrist down.  I tried to concentrate on relaxing but I cannot relax.  It's impossible.  Oh yeah, she put a heater over my feet so they wouldn't get cold.  I kept moving it to adjust it when different parts of my feet would get cold.  I was very busy.  A few minutes later I look down and my sweater sleeve which she had pushed towards my elbow was close to my wrist!  I pulled it back and when I did, the same needle I repositioned earlier CAME OUT!  Yep, it was in my other hand!  Gulp!  So then I really start to panic because she is sure to come in any minute so I yanked up my sweater sleeve and stuck it back in the same little teeny tiny hole I saw it come out of.  Now I am sure by this time, the delivery driver is like "what the heck? this chick is giving herself acupuncture."  I put the needle in my arm and 2 seconds after I laid my wrist back down Christine walked in and was all "did you get to relax!?!"  "Oh yeah"  I said.  She removed the needles and told me I was fine to come out when ever I was ready.  I shot up, put on my socks and shoes, took out my iphone, snapped a picture and paid at the front desk.  Oh yeah, and I made another appointment for next Friday.  This time I plan to bring my iphone and headphones with me when I lay down to listen to calming music...oh okay, and I might snap a picture!

So, on a side note one thing that I have been fortunate enough to have is a distraction from IVF.  We moved into our home around Halloween and have had some construction going on while we rehabbed the house.  The one room I am most proud of is the sunroom.  The floor was completely ripped out, it was carpeted and we had tile laid.  11 new windows and two new doors.  Recessed lighting and a new light fixture from pottery barn.  J and I painted it a couple weekends ago and we found a great rug for it Sunday.  Our table is being refinished and will be delivered Thursday.  I will post more pics after the table is in and decorated. 

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